Women and age

I saw the photos of those mchele babes wa Ruiru and I was wondering how women age really bad.


Both women are 34 years old but they look like grandmothers. Kwanza the 1st one turned 34 today and she doesnt look anything like her age. She looks like someone’s grandma. Hawa hata hawafai kuitwa babes na ati kuna wanaume huangukia wanawake kama hawa? Maajabu ya Musa.

Michelle Ntalami is turning 39 this year and she still got it.

This thread again

Women age like a carton of milk left outside in the desert sun.

Poverty plus lifestyle contributes a lot but anyway how do men find themselves in the arms of such babes

Manakura chips

I’m sure ukiangalia insta ya Michelle hutakosa penye ameenda Turkey. She may have gone for holiday, but her itinerary may have also featured a visit to the surgeon… Hio figure ilitengezwa somewhere huko. Hawa watu wakipotea then suddenly watokezee kama wameishaisha na kashape kamotekezea, bunda pia ni kama kamefura, jua kuna surgeon amekafunga.

Now, start studying all those celebs with the exact shape kama ya Ntalami alafu ujiulize mbona wanakaa almost the same wote. Possibility ni walienda kwa same surgeon. Hizi fala zikishaenda kwa surgeon kinatokezea na mbisha fifte za gym na kuuza sijui green tea ama slimming tea. Yes, Sauti Sol were onto something when they sung the following lines:

“With the latest designer, shaking what your doctor gave you, on your worst behavior, Suzanna bhane…”




I think ni hizo cheap liquor and cheap make ups that maybe have a negative effects on them. Hii nimeona na malanye wengi wa River road. Those that use drugs, huchapa haraka Sana than their counterparts that don’t.
Unaweza pata Lanye who is new to the business but akianza drugs, you will be surprised to see how different they look after six months. But those that don’t use drugs, some are still in the business five years later and clients are still going for them

Biologically they are grand mother’s…
If they got a kid at the age of 15 then at 30 that kid is old enough to give birth.

They look like rotten corpses

Babes word being abused