Womb of Terror


Dadaab is just a dynamite waiting to explode.the more Kenyan gov dilly dally the harder it is to bring this situation to an amicable end. Just shut the camp down and send this people back to their country, in Somalia there is Amison, they can protect them there.This camp is not goof for them and worst to host kenyan Somali community.corruption & police will be the death of us!

I note, and with much disdain, the concerted efforts to paint Dadaab as the genesis of the insecurity problems.

i note, and with much disdain.

Have terrorists used Dadaab to plan attacks on our country? YES
Will shutting down Dadaab remove the threat ? NO

This Dadaab thing is just politics by kikuyu elites and businessmen who feel threatened by Somalis then they blame it in terror…The kikuyu nation is in jitters especially after the last national census showed Somalis are more than some of the real kenyan tribes…The Somalis now own some of the top govt positions and contribute 40% of Nairob’s and other major towns GDP. For a long time shiney eyes have bewn seen as the most enterprising tribe but this is slowly erroding esp with the entry of Somalis…I wont be shocked if in the near future we have a somali president

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Lies. Leta statistics, not this bullshit. Apart from retailing, transport and financial services, where else are they actively involved? And mark you a large number are involved in tax evasion so how does that contribute to the GDP? Ungesema hata Indians.

It’s been a while since I was here. Now let’s start:

  1. It is indisputable that the refugee camps have harbored some of these criminals(Al-Shabaab) disguised as refugees. And the bitter truth is that some genuine refugees (a big number) are Al-Shabaab sympathizers. They are already used to having terrorist living among them hence do not report them

  2. Remember, they are NOT our citizens and we are not obliged into giving citizenship so propaganda ya voting sijui imetoka wapi unless you can vote as a non-citizen. 23 years is enough time. They should not stay here forever.

If UN wants them, take Daadab to Geneva or New York. They must provide an exit plan for us as a country.

  1. Kenya has also solved their problems from the source i.e. Somalia. We played the greatest role in

a. Starting the wipe away of terrorist from operation Linda Nchi
b. Formation of their government, we even went ahead and trained their military
c. We would have as well secured our borders and leave Somali to sort out her issues but as good neighbors we went in together with their forces with an aim to flash out terrorist groups and bring sanity to the nation.

Which other nation can you point out that has done such an noble duty without propagating their selfish interests? , not even the UN. All of this has cost us dearly monetary wise and also in terms of collateral damage.

I mean Dabaab currently holds the unenviable title of the world’s biggest refugee camp and the majority are from Somalia of course. Now that Somalia has a government as well as the help of Amisom forces to safeguard it’s citizens from terror I don’t get why they shouldn’t be relocated to their country.

They should go home to provide a way for our boys and girls in Somalia to come back.

I mean kenyan troops are in Somalia, we can have a high security buffer zone in Somalia, just across the border protected by Amison and move the refugee camp there. Let’s be honest here, they are not going back out of their own will after spending over 2 decades here. Prolonging their presence in a refugee camp just makes it worse for everyone because children will be born and grow up there knowing nothing and having no future. That breeds terrorism.

The global community even goes to argue that the cost of hosting refugees for poor states is falling. But we know this is because richer states, who probably have directly or indirectly caused the refugee situations around the globe by way of intervention , usually have the means to keep them away from their own backyard by giving generous donations to countries that will host their collateral damages for them. Go figure :D:D

Kambi ifungwe na kila mtu arudi kwao

Fala hii, tuko MSNBC watching Hillary trumping trump

Utajua neither Hillary nor Trump have no effect on the closure of Daadab siku utarudishwa.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Below the belt

We are going nowhere, African trump. We will rule this country by 2032


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Just, ferk u!

Best definition of pipe dreams. If you wanna rule go back and rule your kinsmen in somalia.

We are currently number 3 in the pecking order

Still pipe dreams, huh?

no. 3 after Syria and Libya

I mean number 3 in leadership after the president and his deputy

Hehehe, leadership amounts to numbers wariah. Huyo ni kama tu kijiko, kutumika in administrator ship. Hyo position key position ni akili kidogo na mdomo kubwa kama ya wariahs and that’s why your kinsman was chosen. Leo hii Duale akichujwa kama majority leader unadhani votes za jubilee ztaumia in any way?? Nakuru county pekee has more votes than than the entire North Eastern province.

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