Woman Who Stood Up Against Traffic Cop Arrested | Mildred "Atty" Owiso

Police raided the residence of Mildred “Atty” Owiso, the woman who stood up against an alleged corrupt traffic cop. A video she took while refusing to ferry a traffic cop, who had stopped her for using her phone while driving, trended a day ago.

huyu ako na muhahi sana. akae ndani.

Atajua hawezi cheza na system. [FONT=arial][B]nairobi escorts[/B][/FONT]

Melodramatic jaluo jinga

NV tusafishe macho

Unfortunately she is wrong. The police officer has a right to enter your car. It’s actually the law. It’s a bad law but it is the law.

But why storm her residence? Can’t they summon her. This’s meant to instill fear to anyone who stand for what they believe in. And morons are here celebrating

Hapan tambua upoko.

I want the video of storming the house

Watu wa kuhesabiwa meno, you’d think they’re apprehending a most wanted terrorist. Hivi ndio Pablo Escobar aliuliwa.

Ghaseer, BBI has brought us together.

Which law is this kindly…?I would like to know the procedures of arresting an individual for a traffic offence.

Kama hujui due process,nyamazisha. If you are for D material and reatards for police then please…as you were:D

Karao angekula soo mbili na life iendelee…lakini wapi!

Let me post it

Traffic Act (CAP 403), any police officer in uniform is allowed to stop any vehicle, and for any police officer, licensing officer or inspector to enter any vehicle, to drive any vehicle or cause any vehicle to driven for the purpose of carrying out any examination and test of the vehicle

The Act also states that it is lawful for police officers, upon reasonable suspicion of any offense under the Act, to order and require the owner of any vehicle to bring the vehicle to him.

Jaruo jinga kama kìpii @Jimit

sasa huyu burukenge ametoka wapi? the lady should have given the police 200 bob na maisha ingiendelea. Acha akae ndani ajue pang’ang’a ataacha

So what tests?! if she was using her phone… hii ni upuzi.

It’s a bad law but that’s the law until we change it.

Officers have a right to enter and search your car over suspicious activity