Woman thrown out of 10th floor in Kasarani

Kasarani is a demonic stronghold for these high-rise murders.

A young lady has lost her life after allegedly being pushed from the 10th floor of an apartment in Kasarani. Detectives from the directorate of criminal investigations have arrived at the scene in Thome, near Safari Brooks Academy.

The incident saw locals mill at the gate of the apartment to witness the tragedy. Residents of the apartment, which doubles as short-stay accommodation said they heard of commotion in the wee hours of Saturday.

Effects of living in a concrete jungle. High stress levels people can’t churn their anger to other places.


Let me guess , the omuboyfriend is a KISII probably a nyercudi

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Let’s not make excuses for murderers

Is there a cult whose “god” only wants death by being thrown outside tall apartments…and that the god primarily lives in Kasarani???


Hoes get thrown just like that

Like your mother?

Too much going on in that area it can’t be a coincidence, she was only 19 and it was an Airbnb

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Hio corpse Iko wapi nipanue


The story that she is the one who stabbed the guy many times does nto add up…


The perfect cover for murder siku hizi is you kill someone then stab yourself.

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I wondered about that. If he fell unconscious from the stabbing, could he have summoned enough energy to throw her off the building before passing out? Or someone else stabbed him, after throwing her off …?

It is plausible…then most likely there is a cult that these guys are into… Or what was the reason behind the murder to such a young girl…?

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No one gives a fck about social media opinions!

And see… Reason is that, girls aka women has 1000000000000000 Rights!

So they will still hit air BnB like a hot water bath tab open for party!
#My dress my choice!
#My style my life!

There’s 1000000000 ways to die, jumping on rooftop might be among.

Not listening to elders is another one.
Following @Ndindu ideas is one-way to the casket, change the route if you already is trapped.

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it is the guy himself who allegedly fingered the girl as having stabbed him

Well, well

Wacheni forensics wafanye kazi Yao. Some of these claims are sensational and wouldn’t add up in real life.
For example stabbing yourself not once but multiple times is not an easy fete especially if you are of sound mind.
Even people who try to commit suicide by slitting their throats usually don’t succeed unless they cut major vessels and bleed out. Immediately wameanza anxiety inaingia and the quit. Utapata cut mark are very straight to begin with then become rugged due to hesitation. Especially if the airway has been breached.
Let the cops do their work. They have the bodies plus the suspect to do the necessary. Hata huyo 19yrs old is capable of murder. Anyone is if pushed too far or right opportunity presents itself


I think the lady tried to rape the man, she even stabbed him, but before jamaa a black out, alimpea flying kick moja deadly, till she flew from the balcony, ama namna gani @TrumanCaput

I read that he is still in a coma. I don’t understand how a woman - a petite woman at that, will stab you then you muster energy to throw her off the balcony and then you go back to the bed. This guy killed her and then stabbed himself leaving blood all over the place and then went to the bed.

I already told you the relationship between hot weather and violence