Woman Survives After Being Shot in Her niniii

Woman Survives After Being Shot in Her Vagina 4 Times by Her Wife

This is crazy. A Detroit woman has been arrested after she shot her wife 11 times, including 4 bullets in her vagina.

[SIZE=1]Link: https://power99.iheart.com/featured/cosmic-kev/content/2019-09-16-wow-woman-survives-after-being-shot-in-her-vagina-4-times-by-her-wife [/SIZE][ATTACH=full]260830[/ATTACH]

digi kihii

that must have been one angry pussy to deserve that treatment.:D:D:D:D

Digii kihiiii

Digi kihiiiiiiii

Wewe pia umeambukizwa ugonjwa ya matharo

She cheated with a man

Digi kihií

matharo ni nini???

Amesema ndio.


ni nyeni, alot, sukuma

It is a fair God,
That brings the whirlwind,
To lift the maiden’s skirt,
But also raises the grit,
To blind the lecher’s eye…

@Tony254 leta maoni na whataboutism.

No. 1) i don’t support homosexuality
No. 2) i don’t believe in 2nd amendment right that Any American has a right to own a gun- there is no law more stupid than that anywhere in the world.
No. 3) White people are waaaaay more violent with their guns but we don’t see you uncle Tom posting those disturbing stories here coz you don’t want ktalkers to know that your white gods are more trigger happy than blacks in America.

Hehe I’ve seen this phrase before but I cant really tell where. Who’s poem is this?

I am the author and I first published it here in 2016…[SIZE=1](i am joking…i don’t remember where i stole it from).[/SIZE]

That would be the perfect caption for this pic. Very intriguing taking into consideration that the reprobate in this instance is a man of God

whcih God?