Woman strips naked


I said blacks in America are pigs


Alafu you wonder why your kids like going to the neighbors house

Ghaseer. Nimengoja kuona the nakedness… Hakuna. I don’t see anything major. Americans wear bikini to public beaches. And it’s misleading title. Umeffi.

Product of single moms. No wonder blacks in America are emotionally unstable and extremely violent:meffi::meffi:

Hii naweza ikula saaaaaaanaaaa

They’re all trash then complain about being treated like trash

Some low iq bonobos should not be allowed to have children.

Ujinga ni kipawa…wewe ukimanga shimo yako…single room… na watoi nyuma ya moskito net… unadhani hawajui ubonobo wako…tsk…wewe pia is a pig…

uweusi America haihusu ujinga wako boss…safi dada akinengua kiuno…unataka vijanaa waonee sinema kwa simu nini?

2021+ can’t hide nada from watoi…wanaona regardless…wa kutwerk ata twerk…penda sipende

the future of the black American male is very dark kama hizi ndio vitu a 5 year olds mother anamufanyia kwa nyumba.

Mwanaume afanye hivyo atakuwa cellmates na R kelly by next day

That’s a teenage daughter of a single mom who is a daughter of a single mom…+…+… :rolleyes:

Some thing is not right here, some AA women are more inclined to fight and be overtly sexual. Very many clips circulating of educated middle class professional women in reality TV shows fighting with little provocation. Ghetto girls take the cake.

Me hukasirika nikiona mwanamuke ambaye hana a$$ trying so hard to prove a no point on camera. This is soo sick

Hapo sawa, wacha watoi wasafishe mesho kwano iko nene

Blacks have a serious problem


It’s just another world with a different idea of what nudity is.

You honestly believe in those reality shows. You think they are not staged. How come those same women don’t punch each other in church or on the streets daily , when away from cameras. What commercial value would those shows have if the women were not punching each other on the set daily?
You honestly believe Love and Hiphop is a real show like a documentary. How come nobody ever gets charged. That’s assault with a weapon if you strike a person with a wine glass.

You are old fashioned.