Woman Raped in Public as People watch in Bidestan

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Mpole kitu gani hata west pokot ujinga kama hii haiko


[SIZE=7]As a Woman Was Raped, Train Riders Failed to Intervene, Police Say[/SIZE]
The SEPTA train car near Philadelphia had several passengers aboard but none called 911 while the woman was sexually assaulted, the authorities said.

As a woman was being raped while on a train near Philadelphia on Wednesday night, riders watched, failed to intervene and did not call 911, the authorities said.

A man whom officials identified as Fiston Ngoy sat down next to a woman at about 10 p.m. on a train that was traveling westbound on the Market-Frankford Line toward the 69th Street Transportation Center. Mr. Ngoy “attempted to touch her a few times,” said Andrew Busch, a spokesman for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, known as SEPTA.


If cops ignored little kids getting shot at,rape ndo watazuia?

“attempted to touch her a few times.” That’s what you are referring as rape,or was there an actual rape?

Hapo sigwes jua though real details will come later. Nimesoma perpetrater alihepa when crowd tried to help na wanajuana.

Hehe kuguza mwanamke bila “consent” in the US can turn disastrous. Mtu anaona hivyo, anasema heri aite cops wasaidie. Shida ni in blue states cops are stripped of qualified immunity.

What are man can do feminist can do better. As a boychild kazi ni kurecord na kuendea pesa ya google AdSense YouTube.

You notice these things zinafanyika live in Democrat areas. Combination of corrupt BLM organization, feminazis and “progressive” leaders zimeleta these kinds of things.
Some Democrat areas are so bad hadi mzungu anaenda kuishi Mexico. Mexican anajaribu kuingia US chini ya maji while California mzungu anahepa kuenda kuishi Mexico.:smiley:

According to media article,majority leaders and cops in this place are Afroblacks.

new orleanns police chief shaunn fergusson


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mayor of new orleanns latoya Cantrell


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