Woman MP in Uhuru entourage to Japan accuses colleague of sexual harassment

Hata wewe? LOL!!!

Hata wewe? Has your account been hacked, or its your morals that have been compromised?


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Ustadh ako sawa. He has good taste. Hukumbuki posts zake za mamomo huko Klost

I thought Muslims are strict moralists.

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Those are just generalizations. They are more devout in their religion than Christians but we cannot lump all of them in one box.

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What’s immoral about a booty?


Plizzz! Tis unafrican looking at your mom (or her agemate), and thinking that you are looking at dry-fry-able material.


Kubaf. Kuna some 46 to 50 yr olds wanaweza pata mkuki.

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A lady gets harassed and we have people here demeaning the whole situation? Just coz she is pretty? What a shame! Got no respect even for your own mothers? SHAME ON YOU.

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Publicity stunt kama ingekua uhuru anataka kudwy fwy hatungeskia hizi takataka but coz ni mono mtu hajaiva kihela she decides to blow it up ndo tudhani ako upright shenji kabisa

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Many of us are,but you have to admit, Ms.“Lay” is hot…


Manze nimecheka yangu yote…

She explained that they were booked on the same floor and after she was through talking to her Kitui counterpart, Nyiva Mwendwa, Busienei went and stood at her door, barring her from gaining access into her own room.

“When I told him to move away from my room, he told me that[SIZE=5] [SIZE=5]“Hujui Mimi ni Mkalenjin and I can feast on you like nonsense”[/SIZE]. I want you to taste my ‘meat’," [/SIZE]Lay said adding that the MP tried to touch her breasts and [SIZE=5]her mammoth booty[/SIZE] but she resisted.

She said that after she refused his advances, the shameless MP went to his room but later returned and stood at the door begging for sex from the beautiful lawmaker.

"[SIZE=5]Nifungulie sweetie. I am fully loaded and I can make you moan throughout the night,"[/SIZE] Busienei begged like a child before he was chased out like a dog by a no-nonsense Japanese butler.


hahahaha am sure mwenye aliandika hii story pia alikua anajibamba

Man sinimecheka.It sounds funny when a grown man begs for sex like a teenie. “Ati nitaingiza kichwa tu.”

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Reminds me of the story of a Mzee who overheard a boy begging a girl to patia him ati:
Kijana: Haki nipatie hata kidogo sitakuumiza
Msichana: Hapana
Kijana: Basi nitaingiza kichwa tuu
Mzee to Msichana: Mtoto wangu kumbuka hicho kichwa halina mabega.


Sickening to see how rotten your imagination is.You need deliverance.