Woman loses 8 month pregnancy after friends poison her at her baby shower

After last week drama here, where one former classmate embarrassed the other bcz he was ghosted and not bought drinks after the classmate went from rags to riches after selling his behind quarters .Actually hata group ya Kori Karue were here and they never even paid the guy a visit in remand. Wengine we see them here claiming that their former classmate who are doing better than themselves are criminals. Wivu mtupu. A friend in this world is Jesus. Choose friends wisely people.Right now so called frens can even poison you out of jealousy. This poor woman is lucky to be alive.

A woman lost an 8 month pregnancy after going for a baby shower organised by her friends at a Nairobi restaurant. She attended the shower from 6pm to 2am.Then went home with her husband feeling fine. At 5am she woke up in a pool of blood. Her husband rushed her to hospital. The baby died and she had to be operated to remove the dead foetus. Since she had been doing fine through out the pregnancy the doctor insisted that a postmortem be done. Results show she was poisoned.

Nowadays you can’t even trust your own shadow. Shocking but true story.

Ujataja Digi makena.

It’s called exhaustion. The women overstretched herself, probaby danced all night, refused to acknowledge she was sleepy, probably took a few intoxicants etc. All this just distressed the body and it expelled the foetus for its own survival. Alafu mtoto wa 8 months hurushwa incubator. Labda hiyo siku kuna fala ilikula pesa ya mafuta ya generator wakaon amanyulie tu. It could be just alcohol poisoning not actual poison

@TrumanCapote, I was listening to a talkshow on Inooro and this kikuyu elder kept repeating that baby showers are bad and women should keep off. His argument was that not all people were allowed to bless an unborn child some might profane it. At that time no one could take him seriously but now I see.

The woman was poisoned, but it’s the baby that died?

Wacha ku copy paste vitu ukileta hapa… None of us attend izo baby shower…
Sisi pia tuko na marafiki whotishap.

I don’t listen to Inooro coz I’m not a Kiyuk. This actually happened. People do poison others, in pubs, in functions everywhere. Some foods are even known to cause premature labor. The same way medication for ulcers can abort a foetus yet to the mom it’s harmless . Pregnancy is a delicate time. You should not even take a panadol least in harms the child.As for incubator if the child is dead at arrival to hosi nothing can be done.

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But you have Njuri Ncheke in your culture. My point was unborn children are not public property. People should avoid baby showers because not all people wish you well. The miscarriage could occur even without poison. The person with ill intentions already has a dark aura and their presence brings bad luck.

Actually Njuri Nceke are the only council of elders mandated to resolve disputes by government. I once went for this baby shower where the mom had got pg with a married guy. It was organized by the mom, was full of female pastors and women’s Guild. Before that baby shower that girl was a train wreck. After that. Wah! Everything changed. She even got married a year later to a single guy with no baggage. It’s not the shower it’s the people you invite.

I agree that some people have a bad aura that can ruin a pregnancy. I think when a woman is pg, she should avoid all non essential activities and focus her mind on praying for her unborn child’s development and destiny. That period matters a great deal. I understand even babies of single mums or women in abusive relationships are affected health wise and personality wise by circumstances during pregnancy.

Would call this a prayer meeting or a baby shower.

More of prayer meeting. Tuliombewa sisi wote. In fact if there was a funny person there angeokoka haraka juu maombi iliombwa hapo.

Are you a woman’s guild member. Pia @Mrs Shosho sijui ama anavaa kilemba guild ama CWA.

Are you a woman’s guild member. Pia @Mrs Shosho sijui ama anavaa kilemba guild ama CWA.