Woman kills her daughter after being told to end love relationship with uncle

A Machakos woman, who’s accused of having sexual relationship with her uncle, is being detained by Machakos police for killing her five-year-old daughter after being asked to end her love affair with the said uncle in Kimutwa, Kalama Sub County.

Mary Nduku, 27, who is a mother of three is said to have fed her two children with pesticides used for spraying livestock, in a plan aimed at killing them before committing suicide.

The incident happened last week on Friday evening when the parents demanded Nduku to end her affair with the 29-year-old uncle.

Her father Nicodemus Mwikya said his daughter had a trend of disappearing for years without a trace only to come back home carrying a child.

“My daughter gave birth to the firstborn and left for 4yrs without a trace, She came back with the second born, now the deceased, and again went away for another four years,” the father said.

“Thinking she had gotten lost, she re-appeared with the third born who’s now one-year-old,” he added.

Nobody knew she had a relationship with her uncle until the day it was discovered that she was visiting him in his house.

“Mbithi is my younger brother and that’s why we couldn’t approve the relationship,” said Mwikya


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