Woman, Kamande, accused of murdering boyfriend found guilty



Tuliona wajenzi wa Firauni wakitafute kware

sentenced to how many years?

What a waste, she probably has bipolar, a taboo not to be discussed in a country like Kenya where mental illness is equated with witchcraft.

Nyonga yeye sai sai

Kills boyfriend-gets to win a beauty contest and eat pussy all day…some women are just born lucky

Murder is hanging until dead though she’ll probably spend the rest of her life in prison sending those pesky ‘nitumie kwa hii number’ messages.

When Lord Peter Death Whimsey was the talk of the literary society
In other news man sets pours petrol on neighbors kid and sets him ablaze for g

Yeah, but the hearing just ended minutes ago. Sentencing on July 11th.

ako swafiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii DFBLBH

Sasa huyu ndio slay queen. Wachana na akina vera na huddah

angalia hiyo post ya @samachel hapo chini posted three minutes before yours…

May she continue cat walking in prison beauty contests and win all of them till she dies of old age.


Asante omwami mecho ime ng’ara kabsaa

Why is this news? Aren’t criminals supposed to go to jail?

Karma is a bitch. His brother died last year he was also stabbed. I pity that pussy ita ozea kwa jela


who now?

Bro yake tume grow na yeye dandora Alikuwa anaitwa willy. He was a bodaboda he was stabbed na hizo gang za boda hapo mlango kubwa.Ruth I remember there was a time Alikuwa the talk of the slum ile siku Alikuwa sakata dance.