Woman in court for assaulting husband’s employee whom he gave a ride after late-night duty

A female employer who attacked one of her female employees using a car key has been arrested.

Court papers reveal that Mercy Wambui Kamau assaulted Esther Nguman Ngandu after she got insecure with her, accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

“Mercy Wambui Kamau assaulted Esther Ngiman Ngandu on September 18 at about 7:00 pm in the evening along Kikuyu road in Riruta,” the court clerk said.

On the day of the incident, Ngandu and his male colleague were reportedly asked to stay behind after finishing their daily work with their boss – Wambui’s husband.

The assignment that their boss called them to do run to the late hours of the evening. This made the boss get concerned about their safety hence offering to give them a ride to their respective homes.

Following the boss’ offer, the duo made their way to the parking lot where the car was parked not knowing what awaited them.

Wambui reportedly punched Ngandu in the face as she hauled insults on her accusing her of being a prostitute.

Following the incident, Ngandu reportedly gave up taking a ride on the vehicle and decided to go seek treatment at the nearest health facility. After the treatment, she was given a P3 form that she used to report the matter to the police.

Wangui was later arrested and was arraigned in court where he was charged with assault. She, however, denied the charges and was released on a cash bail of Ksh 10,000pending mention on October 25.


Reminds me of my former boss. Gave a lift to two ghels who were late. Unfortunately, wife alikuwa hapo front seat then akaanza drama telling her man awalipie Uber…

Jamaa naye alikuwa alfa meo kama @Baby Panay . He told the wife kama hataki his employees wapewe lift mpaka stage, achukue Uber instead…

Jealousy ni kitu mbaya sana.

The only person cheating in that relationship is her. Cheaters are highly insecure.

That dude was solid, and I’m sure the employees appreciated him even more.

He was a great dude… Hakuwa na utiaji.

He was an American guy… I always thought white men are beta meos like @TrumanCapote would have you believe…

Kumbe hata wao they can tell their women to f**k off wakianza upus …


At least she kill the kids and herself or the husband like men so when they even suspect that they are being shitted on.

I’ve never understood this business of fighting over a man. Hawa wanaume wanajua watu are the ones you are fighting over. Not worth the trouble.

This is the truth. You can not comprehend the evil you are incapable of.

Wisdom detected. That’s very true

My first bf was like this. Ever complaining that I was cheating on him. Ever fighting with men for saying hi to me, alikua body builder, drama all the time. When I left him is when I found out he’s the one who was cheating all over and that’s why he was ever suspicious. Hizi upuzi behaviors are for cheaters. No normal person will do this.

He probably welcomed the employees as a necessary distraction from a petty wife, employees are a recurring cost, it’s an employer’s best interests to be civil with them.

I’ve been mentored by genuine alphas who taught me that being alpha is as simple as setting boundaries against other people, and more importantly against yourself.

I haven’t thought about it like that… But it make sense.

Being assertive as they say.

Your lucky it didn’t escalate to violence

Ata wewe ulikuwa umejaribu.
Body builders belong to the streets. :smiley:

He was my classmate, body building and other sports was a hobby, it wasn’t his job. He was actually very popular so most people questioned why I wanted to leave him and he was very generous to me, he would do my shopping and even give me pocket money and take me out every weekend. At first I thought he was caring with the wanting to take me everywhere kumbe he was just possessive and controlling. For the years I was with him I would hardly speak to men coz if he found out, the guy would be in shit, we would fight. As fate would have it I later lived in the same town with him he had a family by then. I tried to stay undercover but within a week he found out mpaka where I lived and again was on my case. I was like thank God I left him he’s never changed.

Weuh si umepitia mengi sana bwana. Unafaa uandike hizi hekaya mahali for posterity

That’s why you see Sina njaa ya wanaume. I have experienced very controlling behavior until when I see a man my brain sees someone who just wants to control my life as if I’m a child. A short while back I was dating an aspiring politician. He run last time but didn’t make it. So he and I were living in different cities or towns. So the guy had this habit of calling me at night to know my whereabouts to know if I was at home, of course at first I thought he’s calling to say good night kumbe he’s checking if I was at home. I told him once I am going for kesha, he went ballistic and called me a night runner, I told him a guy helped me move he got mad ati I was bringing men to my house which he himself in spite of visiting me regularly had never been to for obvious reasons, I didnt and still do not entertain men in my house. In the end I broke up with him and he told me he was devastated but I was like at my age I can’t cope with this kinds of drama, I am so used to living in peace and independence that I can’t cope with a possessive and controlling man. If you don’t trust me what are you doing in a relationship with me. They always complain about me not caring bcz I don’t check their phones and whereabouts. These are toxic behaviors that we have normalized.