Woman God's best and last creation

She is too vulnerable descending to the sea bottom with no diving gear. Suppose she meets unfriendly creatures under water?

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A woman is an afterthought based on what God’s main creation was suffering from.

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This after thought was needed for God to descend on earth but the main thought was just a flower boy to escort the woman. God is pretty kind to His after thoughts. They live several years longer than His main thought. Explain to me if you can, why it’s the seed of the woman who was to eleviate the suffering of evil and death? The day men start living longer than women (in spite having a harder life) is when you will tell me that they are after thoughts. God realized that without a woman man would soon have no reason to live. He would self destruct. Imagine a world without men. No more rape, wars, murder, road rage, corruption and environmental degradation. Now imagine a world without women. Men would kill each other and their lives would have no meaning, no more sex even for sale. Men are nothing. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Haven’t you asked yourself why men rule the world yet they prefer to preserve women’s lives over their fellow men’s lives? According to Darwin, the most valuable animal is the one who propagates the species. Today if you left 100 men in the world, the population would increase but what would happen if there were only 100 women left? Extinction. There is no day I will look at a man as an equal. How can a creature that is driven by his penis claim equality with an ethereal being as the woman? My friend, stick to your lane of dying young and being full in jails,bars, brothels and every toxic thing in the world. Men are not our equal. They are beneath us and this is why it was a punishment for the husband to have dominion over the wife. It’s a real punishment when someone lower than you is given dominion over you. In this equality debates I always wonder who would want to be like men. Don’t nobody want to be like men. They have all the bad traits. Do you want to be equal to Satan? You just want to steer clear of him before he defiles you. The same applies for men. Women must always be very careful for men’s evil nature not to rub off of them as they associate with men. Women are heavenly beings who must guard their heavenly hearts from the darkness in men’s hearts. Don’t you ask yourself why a woman who sleeps with a man loses her value while a man who sleeps with a woman gains his value?

I always thank God that He didn’t create me a man. I want to always be ethereal. Created in the image of God. All the best qualities of God are in the woman. I love it. Any time I see evil in a woman I will say, she has allowed the evil nature of men to enter her and take away her feminine pure and heavenly nature. A woman is everything. If lesbianism wasn’t a sin, I would marry a woman bcz I love them so much. I have never seen anything better God created other than women. I love them so much. They are the closest thing to what I imagine angels would be like.

Nimejaribu kunyonga nikashindwa

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Enyewe your hatred for men is legendary. Whatever floats your boat Miss.

God was simply telling Satan,he used a woman to destroy,no problem with that.But a Godly virgin woman can exist,and he will use her to show his power of creation.So Jesus came along,not because of the seed of a woman but God’s power.

The man you refer to as a flower was there to let the devil understand a man didn’t listen to him in Eden ,he will not listen to him and accuse a Godly virgin of adultery but obey the angel’s instructions.

Woman, understand God juxtaposed the events in Eden with the Jesus earthly family.

Be a Godly virgin and men will be as you want them to be.

Despite all,men will continue loving women,mpende msipende.

Maybe taking a rib from a man reduced his lifespan.

I will help you out a little bit. God said that the seed of a WOMAN will bruise or crush the serpent’s head. Jesus is the only human being who wasn’t a seed of a man. Probably bcz Eve got deceived first. Either way Adam was there all along as Satan was deceiving Eve why didn’t he put his foot down yet it was he that received instructions directly from God about the tree.

Ati be a godly virgin and men will want them to be? If men can’t listen to God, is it godly virgins they will change for? Ever read about the story of Dinah? Or Tamar? Honey, read your Bible. What about the need to sodomise male visitors in Gomorrah ? If there’s a book that shows how evil men can be, it is the Bible, go read about the concubine who was raped to death to save her husband from being sodomised. Women lose blood every month for 20 plus years, they lose alot more than a rib in gestation, birth and lactation. Personally I believe men die early bcz of doing evil. Righteous people live long. A clear conscience, service to God and humanity and loving God is a life enhancer.

There’s men who if you were to tell them that I hate men would hit you over the head with a mallet. I don’t owe men love. I don’t owe them anything. Those who I love, I love wholeheartedly . The rest meh. Love like respect is earned. Do you expect me to have a blanket love for a species which if I am in a dark alley and I realize one is with me, my heart will start racing out of fear? Put yourself in my shoes. Would you love a species known for every imaginable evil unconditionally? If you want to guilt trip me into vehemently denying that I hate men, wrong number. I don’t care what you think about me. Men are very dangerous species. Of course exceptions are there but you know that even yourself if you are walking at night and see a man you will start fearing that you will be robbed, harmed and even sodomised.

What’s to love? Men have destroyed the world. The environment. Women and children. Look at Hamas. Look at Alshabab. Do you think that if women were the only inhabitants on earth we would have all the turmoil the world has seen? Accept constructive criticism.