Woman Gives Birth On The Halls Of The Hospital Few Minutes After She Went Into Labour (Photos)

A lady who was almost at the peak of her labour ended up not making it into the Labour room before she gave birth. She was said to have given birth to her bouncing baby boy Maxwell right on the halls of the hospital few minutes after she went into labour.

She couldn’t make it through the walkway of the hospital and ended up pulling her pants and screamed for the help of the nurses. The nurses could not move her from the halls of the hospital into a room. They had no other option than to let her have her baby in the halls.

Source:_ https://newswazobia.com/2018/02/06/gave-birth-halls-hospital-minutes-went-labour-photos/



I drove through Eastleigh traffic with a pregnant woman in the front seat. Did enough to get her to the hospital door, mid wife delivered her right in the seat. Greatest achievement of my life.

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You got real weird fantasies.

A minor deflection.
Ladies siku hizi want the father to be inside the labour ward. Obviously this is not African cultural practice.
The beta male trick is to agree but on that moment you fake you have bad stomach and pretend you have to go to the toilet. Kwani nurses Kazi yao ni nini?



:D:D:D huyu mtu shida yake huwa gani …hahaha

I would want my man to be there…but I’m a psycho so it’ll be better if he keeps a distance

Awwwwwwww…did you watch the whole process?

Those floors are squeaky clean you can almost see your own reflection.

I thought this only happened in Bungoma and Nyeri hospitals…


The baby’s head is dirty !

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Alpha male says “hell no!”

At least hatalipa maternity fees atachukua mtoto aende nyumbani

It was definitely not an “Awwwww” moment for me. Venye tulifika hosi, got out, rolled the windows up and spent the next hour with her husband trying to stop some idiots from peeping through the car windows.

now we know wat “piso mojado means”

Are there nurses who let men inside the labour ward when the madam is being blessed in Ke?