woman escapes from quarantine in Kimilili Sub-county Hospital

Brenda Naliaka Mukhwan arrived in Bungoma from Nairobi on April 1, 2020 feeling unwell
She went to the Kimilili Sub-county Hospital where upon check-up, she was found to be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and was placed under quarantine, but escaped after a short while.

wtf… ambia uwes kabla asample

Vernacular radio stations have created unnecessary fear and confusion in the villages. Very unfortunate. It’s like death didn’t exist before Covid-19…

Quarantine life blows. I saw a youtube video of a lady who was being held at Lenana school against her will, oh my. The squalid conditions at her shared dorms was beyond comprehension. May God help them coz I don’t know how long a human being can last in that situation. As if that wasn’t enough, the state increased the length of quarantine by another 14 days!

One thing I have learnt from this pandemic is how ruthless governments can become. Just like that, our liberties have been suspended with no signs of easing up. Can the center hold?

then youve never heard about kenyan jails . Will make that place look like paradise.what is 14 days sleeping doing nothing ukitaka unaenda nje kuota jua kiasi ,compared to infecting the whole nation. Sijui mlitaka wapelekwe beach resorts butler in tow ama? These are potentially virus laden beings and must be treated as such

Asample wapi and the boy doesnt even have a simba? Kazi ni kukunywa gilbeys nairobi na malaya

:D:D:D:D:DYou’re typically murican…such words dont exist in bonobo land,