Woman dies while live on Facebook



facebook wamenyonga
wacha niingie telegram nitafute

If you actually click on the link above you can watch it. Ni kama kuna vids venye facebook haikubali iwe embedded depending on the owner’s settings.

Yeap it works vile umesema.

From her timeline, it seems like she was in Canada. Canada is one of the loneliest country in the Northern hemisphere. Imagine alikaa 3 hours, 3 fucking hours :eek:

Nimeona. I think she slipped into the deep-end and she didn’t know how to swim.
Panicking is what kills most people when drowning.

Some people are saying it could be a muscle pull but I don’t think so.
If you’re an experienced swimmer, you can still swim even with a muscle pull.

You can hear her gasp around the 11th minute. I wonder what led to that seeing as she swimming all fine before

Exactly what I thought


studied pre nursing
not one picture akiosha tunyanyeste banae

angesomea lawyer, angekuwa anapiga picha na hizo mawig zao kila saa

So no one watching called 911?

Probably had no Canadian friends on her list. No one knew about 911 or her location

And if someone called 911, do you think the ambulance would have saved her in less than 5 minutes?

Death by drowning…naogopa sana

Damn! Really sad for her loved ones. Never go swimming without a lifeguard

Yes, she could have been saved.

Not really. How long can you hold your breath? 30 secs? 45 maybe? There was no hope for her.

I’ve never understood why people have private pools! Kids and walevi drown ALL the time, I can never have such on my property.

never understood a body of water outside the front door as a sign of prestige. And these same people are capable of paying for members only clubs.where they can use such facilities

I doubt it would have taken less than 5 minutes for emergency services to arrive.

After 5 minutes of being underwater, it’s too late. Even if someone called 911 and she was saved, the brain damage would have been extensive.

Her best chance would have been if there was someone else watching her near the swimming pool.