Woman commits suicide bcz of a man

These people called men are not worth your life ladies, this needs to stop. If he dogs you out just move on, what is a man to throw away your life over these 3 legged chimpanzees and leave them here enjoying life. It’s either you kill the man if you can’t live without him, but no killing children and no killing yourself. A woman is a very precious commodity in the world, that’s why women and children are always first to saved. The best revenge is to move on without missing a beat, killing yourself isn’t it.


Pamela Atieno, a 38-year-old woman has committed suicide in Migori after learning that her husband had a secret lover and was planning to marry her.

According to police reports, the body of Pamela was found dangling from the roof of her house on Friday morning at their rural home in Kameji sub-location, Rongo sub-county.

angeingia kwa savings anunue mshipi ya 40k ya balenciaga
unajinyonga aje na kamba ya kufunga ngombe banae?

Kelele ya nini?? Women cheat too! Men commit suicide due to women!

Men kill the woman or the other man. Never themselves and if you can prove otherwise leta hekaya.

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