Woman charged for assaulting man who 'failed to perform in bed'


“Michuki said Wanjiru picked up a beer bottle and aimed to hit his head but hit his cheek instead, resulting in heavy bleeding.” /FILE
A 30-year-old woman accused of assaulting a man in a club has claimed on Thursday she was not happy with him because he did not satisfy her in bed. Mercy Wanjiru is accused of assaulting Onesmus Michuki, 24, on September 25 within Muthaiga area. Michuki is said to have sustained serious injuries.

Michuki told police he had checked into the club to watch a Premier League match with friends that evening.
He said he spotted three friends and decided to buy them beers as they watched. He said Wanjiru arrived shortly after and demanded to know why Michuki bought beers for the other three and left her out, yet she was not a prostitute…

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