WOMAN ambushed at Globe Roundabout and robbed clean as motorists watched – The thugs had trailed her from the bank (VIDEO).

Friday, 29 October 2021 – There was drama at Globe Roundabout in Nairobi after a woman was ambushed by thugs who were riding in a saloon car and robbed her of an unknown amount of money.

According to reports, the thugs, who were disguised as plain-clothed police officers, had trailed the victim from the bank, where she had gone to withdraw money.

The robbery incident happened in broad daylight during traffic as motorists watched.

Video- https://videopress.com/v/GcPs3J9N


Cops are busy arresting people without masks.

i thought wasee wa nduthi ndio huwa our last defenders

Hmmmm. Siren walitoa wapi?

Is this not the case of the terrorist guy who was abducted by unknown men. The wailing lady is his mother who has just picked him from Kamiti prison.
But I could be wrong.