Woman, 35, gives birth to 21-year-old stepson's baby after divorcing his dad !!!

A woman who married her own stepson after divorcing his dad has given birth to their baby daughter. Marina Balmasheva, a popular weightloss blogger in Russia, helped raise Vladimir Shavyrin since he was seven years old. The pair say they fell in love when he came back from university. Marina Balmasheva and new husband Vladimir Shavyrin met he was just seven years old and she helped raise him. The 35-year-old fell in love with him after he returned from university, and she later divorced his dad so they could be together. Marina is a popular weight-loss blogger in Russia with more than half a million followers, after she lost eight stone and shared images of her “journey”.She posted pictures of her daughter, whose name has not yet been announced, but said her toyboy husband instructed her not to show the girl’s face.

Ni kama real-life bold and the beautiful. Eric, Ridge na Thorn forester walikuwa wakifanya hivi tu na brooke Logan.

lol yes nakumbuka nyakati za the bold and the beautiful.

Brooke alizungusha hio family though !


They look happy together. Long life to them

hapo sijui how it can be judged !

I can’t feel bad for two adults who have made a decision to live together

Human adults for sure but its really weird, marrying your father’s ex-step mom na ati alikulea :smiley:

Pornhub storyline taken too far

Brooke alikuwa kunguru sugu