Woman, 30, who decided to stop shaving her thick body hair

[SIZE=6]Woman, 30, who decided to stop shaving her thick body hair reveals she’s not put off by people who tell her she ‘looks like a man’ and even lets strangers stroke her 3cm-long beard[/SIZE]
Bethany Burgoyne, 30, has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance
The condition which one in ten woman suffer from, causes body hair to grow
Bethany decided to embrace her natural self by not shaving
Is proud to show off her beard and even let’s other people stroke it

Despite being told she looks like a ‘man,’ this woman is embracing her beard and even lets others stroke it.

Artist, journalist, and creative entrepreneur Bethany Burgoyne, 30, from Essex, has been embracing her body hair since 2018. Like many other women, Bethany was pressured into shaving her body hair whilst growing up, believing that her body should fit certain ideals set by society. At the age of 27, Bethany began to question these ideals - especially why she was ridding of her body of hair and whether this was something she was doing for herself or others. She began to embrace her leg and armpit hair and slowly, she realised how absurd the idea of hair removal was. Bethany grew proud of her body hair and has since embraced it in other areas of her body. No longer caring what others think, in early 2020, Bethany ceased removing her chin hair and allowed the hairs on both her chin and neck to grow freely.

Some called Bethany a ‘man’ and told her she ‘needed a shave’ but she isn’t put off by these detractors and now has a three centimetre long beard.

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