Mashamba set the ball rolling. Moses has picked up the cue. Jubilee apana tambua Anne.
stolen #fb


Look up Moses Kuria on fb.

Here it is.
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hehehe politics maze! its brutal hizi light duties hatapata huyu mama

That Kuria guy is bitter nikama aliomba slice akanyimwa…

That second-last line… sweep Kali!

Kuria needs to clarify the sticky detail of one Farouk Kibet. That would go a long way in absolving WSR.

Waiguru will probably deal with Kuria’s attack the way she did with the braying hounds of the ODM dominated PAC.

Interesting times we live in.

Huyo mama anajiongeza stress za politics kwa nini? Si angeenda tu to some idyllic location akule pesa tu forefore? Alafu wacha nigoogle raison d’etre kwanza nikwom.

Haya, tuendelee…


Unaona kama ako na stress?

And then if arap mashamba falls down and waheguru is on the winning side that idiot kuria will be singing her praises to high heavens.

yep, wacha circus iendelee, more secrets will be forth coming

Google " megalomania" tujue ni nini.

Kuria na kizungu wacha tu.Sikama mimi na’handle’ zangu kwa ile thread ingine.

Wacha WEZI wajikaange na mafuta yao wenyewe… Thieving Mungiki bustards


parody twirra handle

Who remembers Kuria panicking at the end of the ICC farce and blurting out 1000 sorries to WSR for having helped in the framing?

It is as if his conscience has never cleared up, hence the over-acting in defense of Ruto.

Waiguru has no such baggage and she mentioned Farouk and Ruto without blinking. Her (brand new) political ambitions are also not as strong as Kuria’s, so she does not seem to care about enemies in high places any more.

These might just be the hairline cracks in JP that CORDiots have been praying for.