Wololo. Kitengela 7? Three more men disappear in Kitengela linked to the first 4

Now is a good time to disappear if you have ever said even said hi to any of these people before you disappear for real. This is now becoming like Mungiki crackdowns. Operation. Mtego wa panya uliwapata waliomo na wasiokuemo. Kumedhoka Kitengela.


Live by the gun die by the gun.

Be constantly checking up on the thugs here like @Gaza or @johntez addi gaza msafi

Tell the guy reporting not to quit his main hustle for this. I got a headache listening.
“An addition of other three have been added”
“Three other more disappear in Kitengela”
“Two of the bodies were found dead and dumped”

They’ve gone into hiding in Dandora dumping site. They know their days are numbered as Recce deals with them mercilessly.


Ghasiaa … I’m legit. Gorverment approved rustler. My biggest client is the government. (KMC).

I don’t know who told him his career lies in media

Boring narrator.

But, still on the same subject, I am counting 10.
4 in Kitengela
3 in Mombasa Changamwe
And 3 from Thika.

Are the 3 not on ATP radar for terrorism activities?

I hear one popular DJ who was found dead was part of the mix

Names. We might know the person and need to go lie low in UG until everyone is dead and buried.

I think you are overworking and overreporting on this …Mimi Kama new villager naona wewe ni serial killer,saddist ama newly recruited into the kikosi

Ever heard of true crime enthusiasts? Sometimes it’s better not to comment than expose your ignorance. Wacha nikuelimishe




DJ Mike Kay

Just saw his story. Young people are joining crime at an alarming rate.

those guys must have messed with the wrong muzafuka. Wale huwa hawatambui shiet