Woke expatriate roasted online.

Nuclear is a terrible idea

Anzeni na coal plants kwanza, tried and tested. I don’t trust the current Kenyan generation with the intricacies of nuclear power plants.

Mkenya atapiga shortcut ya reactor graphite rods aanze kuweka pencil cores.

Hivo ndio wazungu wanatucheza. Wanapiga campaign za conservation na wildlife protection ndio tubaki tukikula nyasi. Wao walitumea coal kujenga country zao. Eti sisi tusijenge kwetu…ndio wakuje kwa private gate aways kwa game lodges na birdviewing sisi tukiteseka. Nonsense must be called out loudly.

Huwezi anza kitu bila demand. Let local industries grow and demand more power, then build more power. Otherwise itakuwa kama SGR yenye haitumiki and yet it is a high capacity transport system. Now it ends up costing more because haina revenue.

Ile barabara poa mko nayo sio yenyu for the next 2o something years… …ukidungana mimba leo ,mtoto akifika twenty something ndo mta own hio road,so tulia kiasi niko kwa jam

Kama watatumia coal ya kitui basin hakuna shida Bora wasiimport coal from China.

I thought we are operating at optimum capacity on the SGR?

It is the same western companies that will invest in nuclear or coal power

I stand corrected on that. Last time I checked the details we were struggling to fill capacity. My point still stands though. The best way to move forward is to create demand for energy first.

This is like saying that Kenya has no demand for 1 million per day hotels. Current power prices are too expensive, there will always be demand for cheap power.

Power from Kengen is cheap. the IPPs are the ones making power expensive and they will be the same people owning the nuclear plant