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There are 4 primary abilities when it comes to handling information/knowledge…Clever,Intelligent,Smart,Wise
1.Clever-Ability to grasp and understand new information from new sources e.g books
2.Intelligent-Ability to understand and analyze information
3.Smart-Ability to maneuver complex situations based a quick analysis of previous experiences
4.Wisdom-Ability to foresee patterns in events and be practical based on experience.Ability to apply knowledge correctly to a situation based on experience.

  1. Being clever and intelligent is good,but it can only be used in inhouse situations.Clever and intelligent rarely gets you out of danger unharmed.
    Smart and wise are more advanced ,and can be used in both inhouse and outdoor situations.
    6.While a smart person will get out of danger unharmed…the wise person will not get in danger in the first place…because they will have observed the signs and evaded the danger.

  2. The Bible in the book of proverbs talks about Wise son,Wise man,Wise woman.Our Lord Yahshua (Jesus Christ) talks about “He who hears His teachings and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on rock and when PERSECUTION and TRIBULATIONS came…they hit on the house and it did not fall.” The Word wise is mentioned in the Bible approximately 222 times depending on the Bible version

  3. There is a lot of information that mainstream Churchianity (not Christianity) and organized religious organizations is not teaching the flock of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and therefore as we move deeper into the end times…the Church of Yahshua will therefore be shocked when things they were taught will not happen and their hearts will fail them and fall for the deceptions of the enemy.We need to be vigilant of the times.

  4. Lets be Wise as we move deeper into the latter days and the purpose of this post is to share with those WHO ARE LED on how to work their salvation and endure to the end.There is so much to address…however I believe our Lord and Saviour Yahshua (Jesus Christ) through the Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit) will guide us in ALL things.

Be Wise
1.Get good and Christ led mentors
Listen to online channels and media by believers who help you sharpen your discernment and faith.Listen to Christ led leaders but…do not stand in the shadow of a fellow man…in the day of judgement…each one of us will be held to account independently.Read and Perceive the balanced Word of Yahweh.Nothing is older than Yahweh and that is why His Word is the source of all Wisdom…He has observed mankind’s behaviour over the past 6000 years and He has much information on who mankind really is(That is… what he does when no one else is seeing,what man has tried to achieve in the past and where mankind is headed in the future.BELIEVE IN YAH AND HE WILL REVEAL THINGS TO YOU DID NOT EVEN THINK EXISTED.

2.Learn from other peoples mistakes
Anytime you have an opportunity to interact with someone…especially the elderly in Christ…spend more time listening than talking…The more we talk the less we observe.Ask questions with the intention of understanding and not to show off how much you know. Learn from history in the Old Testament on how Intercessors,Judges,Kings,Prophets,Israel and other nations made decisions and acted on those decisions and what were the consequences.The Bible always explains the “Why”… that is …why Yahweh did what He did.Draw patterns from their decisions and actions.Meditate on this Word each part of the day.

3.Invest in Research
Do not be distracted and believe everything mainstream media is telling you.Media is in the business of selling news…whether good news or bad news…as long as it sells…they will present it to you…Mainstream media feeds on emotions of anger, fear, grief and guilt…and that is why the more controversial the more it sells…Do not believe what everyone is saying…Man is a political animal and his heart is deceivingly wicked.Do your own research.Be objective and focus on the facts,not the person presenting the facts. Gather all the facts…both the positive and negative.Analyze the facts and uncover what is true.Make informed decisions based on what is true.Know your surroundings and know what is happening around the world and how it relates fo you…not only in your country,province or village…but all over the World.Study prophecy and ask Yah to reveal to you His truths.Invest in a good physical Bible…Ask God to lead you on this…but I prefer the KJV, NKJV and Amplified Bible (Especially the study bibles)…Find time to read commentaries…may Yah lead you…but as a guide I use Enduring Word by David Guzik.

4.Practice truth discovered
You will never have all the facts required to make the right decision.Pray to get guidance from Yahweh…Gather at least 3-5 independent sources of information on a given complex topic and from them make an informed decision and take action.

5.Keep improving
Keep reading your Bible to confirm what you hear or see…Meditate on the Word…keep praying and listening to Yah…keep fasting…keep giving alms…keep examining your heart…keep repenting and seeking for forgiveness (for both you and others)…And do not let ANYTHING take your eyes of Yahshua…ANYTHING.

In the jungle…not the clever,not the cunning,not the big,not the small,not the fastest,not the loudest,not the ugliest survive.ONLY THE WISE SURVIVE.

Let us be wise and believe in Yahweh.
May we praise Yahshua (Jesus Christ) for He deserves all the praise.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

Amen Pastor

I thought the four words were synonyms

No they are not…however most people apply them as if they are synonyms.