Woishee Baba amechoka buana!



Baba anaweza kuwa ni biological parent wa GRAND P ule bwana ya Udoxie Yao

That why deep state knows raila is easy to control

Baba ya nani? Kwani ulizaliwa na hii njaruo ndio umuite baba?

Wait until he becomes President, and get some top notch physicians, hii uzee itaisha.

That’s why we’re voting him in .

Kabisaaaaa. Dudes brain is fried.

Baba “died” when his only child Fidel died,he is just a shell of himself ,his eyes and body language tells it all…Luo elders should just coronate a new leader and let baba rest,baba is a god ,a man greater than most mortal men,baba shouldn’t be subjected to this type of puppeteering gimmick s from the deep state,it’s very sad day for us all.

we had the dynamic duo in 2013, who took over from a 80 year old guy who struggled to inspect the last guard of honor,
look at where we are now.

Na huyo Kijana mwingine?

@Strategoi, kuja upige ma ghasia hapa ma round kick moto moto mpaka raiyaa ione pantie :D:D


Aztrazeneca chieth ni ngumu kutoa kwa mwili, microclotting iko kwa capillary level.

Ameva nguo za wakongo mbona?

Only Fidel was born before he was visited by nyati boys.

Bab never had any high hopes on Fidel, by the time Fidel died he was a useless man with no hope of ever being able to do anything other then drink 24/7. Even Konyagi was the same before Arap Nyayo picked him up

For any parent out there a drunkard child is way better than a dead child,the parent knows a drunkard child can reform and be a useful member of society but a dead one it’s over with finality

Konyagi was even worse

That he cannot afford now?

This is exactly what happened in America. Biden’s presidency belongs to ‘handlers’ who tell him exactly what to do, when and where.

Did you see him heavily relying on written notes just to welcome Uhuru in the White House? Contrast that with Uhuru who spoke off the cuff throughout.