Wode Maya in Somalia.

What do you guys think of this little man’s travels. I like his Pan Africanism and also bemused by his Twa looks and his West African peppyness.


Msito Wode Maya ako sawa… Always bullish on Africa and highlighting the continent’s positives.
Katika pilka zake akapita na mrembo wa Kenya pia…


Huyo jamaa ananukisha kitunguu vilivyo. Imagine being paid to visit different countries? Na kukamua kunguru kila corner of the world. Leaving your dna all over

Now if I described a black man the same way you have just done here in a very demeaning manner, I am sure ungeanza the usual bleating on inferiority complex.

Kweli nyani huwa haoni kundule.

“Patco is there nothing good you can write about black people. So disgusting. Admin do something.”

Emotional @Swansea na yeye na broken english zake, “I have writened admin to requested him to censored this creature but it is like they do not listen to us. Why is he still here trolling black Africans? So hateful. He even called him a twa, what is a twa? Focus on drumf leave Africans aloned.”

Liked his videos of china,he’s doing good

Kwani pia wewe ni mbilikimo? To slap me you’d need a step stool. Pygmy Battyboy.

Yaani it took you a whole 17 minutes to come up with an insult and this is the best you could do? :rolleyes:

And the insult doesnt even make sense, pygmy wameingilia wapi tena?

He does a splendid job. I have been to places in Africa (virtually) that I would never have been.

His only minus is that he hates on Marwa , the Kenyan vlogger, doing similar things. Mode is more about Africanism while Marwa is international. And Mode has a team doing production while Marwa is solo, in fact that’s the core of the beef.

Nimejua huyo jamaa Marwa juzi on Jalango show. These guys have a good gig. Used to watcht Mark Wiens too on his food Vlog.

Link ? Never heard of the guy

Watch him. He is currently in Kenya building.

I am Team Wode Maya all the way. Creative, fresh content. Brave and fearless vlogger. Self made millionaire. I like the way he tells off African Tourism Boards who do not even realise or appreciate what Africa is worth. He encourages many upcoming African Ytubers, hana wivu.
Plus of course he dates our Kenyan cocktail Miss Trudy a great YouTuber in her own right. Half Luo, Luhya and Kyuk.


Look at this fool. not everything is about you. The world doesn’t revolve around you stupido as usual you want to turn this thread into a a discussion about you. Who cares about buttco? Wewe ni mgonjwa akili

Look here troll, for 3 years you have been trying to get at me but all you have achieved in those 3 years is make your sweet mellons nervous.

Hadi kuna ile siku ulijam ukafungua wallet ukatoa thao tatu ukapiga picha ukilia ati ndio niachane na matiti zako. :D:D

Ulinijazz. But anyway I had to point out the double standards in these Afroconscious BLM crowd.

On one hand @Mjuaji pretends to be a very Africonscious Wakandan while on his own thread he just described Wode Maya in the same way an 1800s British lord would describe an African native in his diary.

He even described Wode Maya and his people as being “peppy” like a jumpy puppy.

And I must admit in that photo you had very soft feminine hands holding that three thousand bob. I don’t understand why you always pretend to be a man.

Ignored. Phew!

Who pays him sir? I thought he is paid by google for the content, which means he has to make videos to make money. With about 1M subscribers, he is making some millions of dollars every years and a good profit when he substract his travelling expenses