Wode Maya in beautiful Namibia.

[SIZE=5]A few years ago I posted this thread on Namibia and the responses were very interesting :


So anyway this YouTuber finally visited that country. He actually posted the last video a few minutes ago.

Compare Nairobi to Windhoek. If you are a governor in Kenya, this is how you should be thinking when redesigning your county.

Africans everywhere want to live in well planned neighborhoods like this. Namibia gets a lot of input from the boers who live down south but still this is a country lead by people who are foward thinking.



Land grabbing in .ke , is what’s ailing urban planning.

True. This is very apparent especially if you use Google maps when travelling across Nairobi.

Google maps can show you a road that cuts across Mombasa Road to Joska in Kangundo road OR Runda to Limuru road… on Google maps that road is very clear but on the ground, the road was sold to developers many moons ago.

You go to Kileleshwa, Google is shouting turn left, turn now… but bibi ya Saitoti ameblock… enyewe in Kenya people have brass balls. Ameblock na akaweka gate. There was contractor who once said that he was given a job to build somewhere in Westlands and when digging they uncovered a brand new tarmac road covered in red soil.

Yesterday I was at an event hosted by a Canadian friend at his house where I and my date were the only black people, save for the employees. In our presence was Roy Vanderplat (not Real name) , an Afrikaans speaking cunt of a person. He was visibly drunk and couldn’t stop talking about how a shithole South Africa is and how he’s planning to move abroad soon because it’s not safe for his family.

I asked him whether it was safe during apartheid and the room suddenly fell very quiet and cold.

Shortly after we excused ourselves and went home.

Development is not better than dignity. Stupid @buttco

Kwani Namibia iko abroad? Si uko tu hapo Africa.

And the Namibians have chosen to be less shithole than their neighbours.

Or that the person making the Google maps drove through a private property that hadn’t been fenced. It’s not easy to block a public road.


South Africa na Congo maybe amongst the Most unsafe countries in Africa alafu uongeze Zoomalia kwa ule jamaa wa A- 92

I think that we should think outside Nairobi. It’s a gone case. You can’t really redesign anything. At Zimmerman, you have apartment blocks in the middle of nowhere. A public road ends at an apartment building. The only thing left to do is provide essential services eg water to every home and sewage and garbage collection.
Comparing Nbi to Windhoek, remember we had such living after independence. Buru Buru and Umoja were beautiful estates when built. To some extent Donholm. Even Nairobi Damn estate, Onyonka estates on the West side were decently built. What followed is a destruction.

That street view car doesn’t even drive to all the roads just very few. If you have ever used that that 3d tool you would know.

Google relies alot on old maps from the country they are covering. Those maps if they are from the govt, usually show all the real public roads including the ones that have been stolen or blocked off.

In Nairobi, 95% those properties were cut off by the 90s. There’s very little left to steal.

The person(s) who drove the google street view car for Nairobi area is very lazy. He just gets to a junction and just reverses coz he doesn’t feel like proceeding forward. Must be the lazy asshole @Sambamba . Very frustrating. You want to know what lies ahead but mjamaa alifika hapo akachoka akaenda kuwasha na kudinyana.

Also check bulawayo, beautifully designed city

The size of any African city is directly proportional to the level of poor design and unplanned expansion. Managing a small family of 4 is totally different from an extended family of 50. Windhoek is very small, may be comparable to Kisii so with govt input, it has all the rights to be clean and well planned… same as Dodoma, Kigali, Abuja etc. Forget about Nrb, go to Msa, you’ll find a 15 storey apartment surrounded by Shanties.