wivu ni kitu mbaya sana


Kwanza a Premio is a sign of wealth?

people with a poverty mentality can kill you over 50 bob

hustler mentality


Hay worth 6 million Kenyan Shilling? That must have been a hell lot of hay! Oh!.. And a hell-like fire!!!

Yes, quite relative. Unaweza nunua nguo mpya ilete mixed reactions…more of perception

Jealousy can lead to murder. That is how intense it can be. Someone decides that their lives will revolve around a certain individual and they become completely obsessed.
I would not be surprised if this person started the fire.

acha viatu. Unaeza nunua slipper mtu akate hizo kamba

Run away from such people. It could even be a friend, and when you are dying by your friend’s hand you will be wondering what you did wrong. I had one such “friend” .

Oh yes. I have learnt to recycle/ditch ‘friends’ over the years. If all one does is spew negativity, use me when you can, never there for me when I have a problem…you can be sure I will be ignoring you big time. Life is too short. I read a story a while back about this girl who was so obsessed with her pretty friend and stalked her everywhere…long story but in the end she threw some corrosive liquid on her friend that disfigured her for life. Will find the link. My catholic faith lists envy as one the 7 cardinal sins.

Here is the link… Mary Konye guilty of acid attack on friend Naomi Oni - BBC News

Very much so.

They are everywhere…never got a grasp of their school of thought though. Yaani they would rather see a total stranger flourish instead of their own friend…madness

Jelously is a product of lack of faith, failure to believe in themselves and consequently they result to stealing, manipulating and destroying others. They have no blessing in them for they lack originality and end up relying on lies and exploitation.

This is exactly the problem with the hustler vs dynasty narrative. To a shoeless man, wewe na Jordan zako ni dynasty.

Misery loves company…


Grass will grow where grass has grown.

Hekaya please

This is more of foolishness than being jealous… If only that person becomes wise, hatakuwa ivo