Without Africa, Europe, North & South America Would Still Be Very Primitive

They owe everything, I mean everything to Africa. From stolen Egyptian knowledge to everything else. While Europeans were living in caves blacks were building walled cities.

All ancient Greek philosophers got their education in/from Ancient Egypt.

While they were walking barefoot Africans already knew how to work with copper.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

I am more interested in ancient communities that lived in North Africa, prior to the Natufian (West Eurasian) expansion. I think there’s many of their artefacts buried and forgotten in that sand.

There were blacksin North America eons ago, when Asians arrived they wiped off the blacks in a genocide. Red Indian’s religion borrows heavily from Ancient African religions

Why doesn’t African education teach this African history to Africans in school ?

@Ndindu were you ever taught this facts about African history before slavery or colonization in school ?

What keeps us from developing and teaching a curriculum with the real African history for our kids?

We’ve been brainwashed ile serious. 85% of Kenyans have European or Hebrew names, the more exotic it sounds the better the parents feel. Sophistication is learning 3 foreign languages while not being fluent in mother tongue.

Lack of a writing script also contributed to loss of ancient knowledge in communities where word of mouth was the medium.

Africans became primitive after Sahara transformed from Savannah to desert. During it’s savannah days there were many communities that traded in livestock, salt, beads and gold. Many gold mines disappeared after sand burried them and dunes covered the landscapes. Mali lost many mines and ancient maps after conquest by Arabs and other foreign powers.

Negros coping

Kuna mahali Africans tulikosea mungu sai tuko free fall.

The wheel was invented in Mesopotamia, many eons ago, very crucial invention to the development of human kind, we can all agree to that.
Then, it was the Europeans who brought the wheel in most or Sub-Saharan Africa. Where did we miss it ?

Africans wuz Kangz until the Romans showed up in Egypt and showed us what a real empire looks like. As advanced as Africans may have been, we never established empires and trade routes spanning the globe like the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Turks or Mongols. You can try to pass that off as a virtue but all great civilisations were great conquerors and explorers.

For the most part Africans stayed within continental borders and we got complacent because we had everything we needed within reach. No need to sail the seas to find less hostile or more fertile land, no need to come up with innovative systems, organized agriculture, animal husbandry, complex systems etc. In short we had no real incentive to be that advanced. The basics were taken care of so why try harder? Just live.

If we really were hyper advanced Wakandans then slavery and colonization would have never happened. Africa would be a superpower. But that’s not the case is it? If white people got to where they are today on our stolen knowledge then obviously they made better use of it than we did. What does that say about us?

Afrocentrists and apologists like @Ndindu love to use this bullshit “brainwashing” excuse which makes no sense because how the fuck do you brainwash supposedly intellectually superior people? How do you subjugate a more advanced race? It’s not possible. We are all human but we are not all equal. Just accept Europeans were way ahead of us by the time their ships came to our shores. And that’s why we are where we are today.

What is the time period when the wheel was invented?

So today you are pro African. Okay. Tomorrow you will be calling us primitive Bonobos again.

Hekaya za abunuwasi :smiley:

Egyptians are more closely related to Europeans than to sub Sahara africa. They are also located much closer to europe than rest of africa.

Europe’s wealth benefited from slavery and stolen minerals but all those were not possible before they built there ship building and navigation skills. Writing is what enabled Europe to grow since all useful knowledge could be passed accurately to future generations who could then build on top of it. In africa, we don’t even know our where we came from

Moor’s of Spain

We don’t know how it was built, but wherever they were horses, there were chariots.

they owe you nothing the fact we still getting fucked even today says alot
The fact we are using their language

The fact the Moorish leader was a converted Muslim

We wuz kungz and kangz but today we ain’t shit