With women,money transcends all other expectations they had on their "Mr. Right" checklist

Over the holidays nilikutana na watu kadha wa familia and one thing made me realise that pesa ukweli ndio common denominator…
U see,there’s this one chick,a cousin of ours who used to swear that she can never hook up with a man from a certain tribe that doesn’t circumcise their males…She even used to diss them pale kwa social media…She also happened to be a chief campaigner to one of the city MPs who didn’t make it…and whenever a critique was posted on the MPs page by a person of that particular tribe,all she did was check their second name pull out the foreskin correlation …There were other incidences too…including a time that she almost made us start a bar brawl pale westih…

Fast forward 2019 dec,dem ameland na rangerover manze…gez driver ni nani…well from the surname sikuamini ni shee amebadilisha msimamo.Everyone else was talking about it huko nyumanyuma murmuring about it…well,mong the cousins ni mimi tu and some chick got bold enough kuuliza…of course after some snogging of the orifice of a glenfidich bottle.

Well,wacha tu niseme sai ameleft group ya cousins na tukaambiwa kazi yetu ni kuchunguza maisha ya wengine ndio maana hatutawai endelea…

Walisema women wako rieng ya hypergamy. Akipata another bigger ATM ataondokea…

huyo ni malaya . ungesaidia huyo Jaluo umuambie hakuna future hapo

Like I always say, bila pesa ata kuku zitadinyana mbele yako juu huezi zifanyia any…pesa ni kila kitu

Bana wacha Omera anyoroshe hiyo kitu akimalizia atawarudishia mtu yao

…Well,wacha tu niseme sai ameleft group ya cousins na tukaambiwa kazi yetu ni kuchunguza maisha ya wengine ndio maana hatutawai endelea…


Beta male coping mechanisms. Broke gengetone artists are banging the same prime young women who go placing big financial demands on “stable” men. Soma kitu inaitwa dual mating strategy

…and here i am trying not to be specific…:smiley:


Unapenda ku excuse your poverty sana kijana. Tatfta uache laziness

Having said that, I think you are comparing yourself with people around you too much. Pls focus on your family. This is just from me to you…I read you complaining about how your friend’s wife orders food deliveries, yet you had posted about where you could get stuff for bondage sex!

I read you asking how you can cope with well to do friends…
Now this.
How about you focus on your family in 2020?

errrr…nothing i have ever done that was contrary…i think…but there is a lot other stuff constituting and complementing the whole man

I bet hiyo Glenfidich sio wewe ulinunua.

Sasa mnakunywa kwa tab ya bwana yake alafu mnauliza maswali zikona hint of jealousy.

The cheating on your spouse, the refusal to go for parent’s day as a couple…gaping holes.:smiley:

pia wewe you seem to be keeping tabs on @Brikicho Bantureh…seems you are monitoring all his posts

That lady has a very sound memory

or she’s just being…a lady

His posts depict real life scenarios and I look forward to reading him. Hope he does not class me as stalker material hahahahahaha
I have my fav reads and he is one of them.

You know I came to learn something v disgusting …that some folk have online reputations and personas to hold to on KTalk so they won’t tell you the real thing…they have to appear a certain way.

It is because I read a very lean KTalk…coz I have blocked quite a few nignogs…having said that it is true…I do not forget something I read and it quite registered.

Only fools don’t change their minds…