With/Without Lube.


Inaitwa STATUS QUO. It is the path Jomo Kenyatta chose and it is now quite apparent that it was a path unto darkness. In 2013 Uhuru gave hints that he might do the opposite, erase some of his father’s sins but inaonekana njia ni io hio tu. Personal interests and family first, friends second, mwananchi third or fourth place in the consideration lineup.

Touch these Kenyattas and your goose will immediately burn (Ask Banda Homes).
No wonder Rai was very calm at those parliamentary summonses

Whenever Uhuru decides to visit Ngina or vice versa, is it a family meeting or business meeting?

Kitchen cabinet meeting

If the meeting is held in the sitting room, is it still a kitchen cabinet? :saitan:

Wont be surprised to hear this fat cop tender is connected to the family as well.


thuraku kuuliza swali kama hii ni betrayal!!!

I have no tribal loyalty for fellas who are shafting us through the nose.

Why is the left shoe of the gentleman standing on the extreme left longer than the right one?

What I have observed from Uhuru Kenyatta is that, any project(s) that the man get’s enthusiastic about, are those that directly benefits his family.
That’s the main reason he did away with most of Hon. Mwai wa Kibaki blue prints. For instance, why did Uhuru drop the Konza city ?

What happened to Banda Homes

A Kenyatta family member is claiming the land belongs to her.

House nigger republic