With stained pants

[SIZE=7]With stained pants, Kenyan senator fights menstruation taboo[/SIZE]

It is such initiatives that makes one eligible for some prestigious mzungu awards with big pay checks.

This senator is one of the ugliest, darkest no-shape women I have ever seen. Instead of cheap publicity stunts walking around with fake-stained white trousers she could have done things with intelligence and dignity. The real problem is that all the headlines feature the senator, she is just looking out for fame, she cares very little for the girls.

Also why not keep menstration taboo… I don’t want to know anything about it. I don’t even want to pick the call of one of my girls if she tells me she’s on her period. Let them have their pads or tampons but no need to publicize it as if its some sort of proud achievment.

Iko wapi picha ya stained pants


Nikiskia menstruation I think about the blood leaking from a coochie and immediately get a hard on. I want to lick the blood like a carnivore then ravage the pussy venye @uwesmake anafanyia mamake @PHARMACY pale mlolongo.

Na mcoondur yako huwa anaifanyia?

:oops: what did i read

Sijui nani aliambia wanawake that we are okay seeing this shit or even hearing about it. Its disgusting and nowhere near of our goddamn interests. Wanyamazie hizo menses zao and shit

I can’t do this even for a million bob. The worst I have done ni kukamua dem ananyesha. Done it like to two women

Shes using this as a way to milk donors hakuna taboo hii kitu hiko nayo kenya

We really have some mentally sick people on this board.

Sampuli ya Mathare Referral and Teaching hospital.

The only reason why kuna lots of noise and advocacy about kunyesha is the fact that there are many girls who cannot afford sanitary towels.Pack moja ya sanitary towels ni around 230bob.Assuming they must use two during that time of the month,that’s 460 per month from the time a girl is 12years until ile siku atafika menopause.Now picture a girl somewhere deep in north eastern where food is hard to come by and mzazi akipata pesa they just decide whether to buy food or sanitary pads.the only option for these girls are to use very unhygienic alternatives or stay immobile for 3 to 4 days hakuna kuenda shule akingoja kunyesha iishe.Menstruation is a big deal.Am shocked at the ignorance being spewed in this kijiji.

Wewe ni mnyama… that thing is disgusting. The body is getting rid of dirt na wewe u want to take it in?!