With Jesus you will never struggle


I thought that it was only @dani who had bought the narrative tha William is saved. Kumbe adi twitter

The biggest hypocrites pedohiles terrorists thieves murderers pokos etc are mostly staunch religious folk. Thats why you will find scandinavian countries with about 80pc atheists have the lowest crime rates. Im not an atheist myself but its a fact we cant ignore. Just look at shameless chicken thief ruto


Ruto doesn’t practise what he preaches so what’s the point??

:smiley: uhuru ako zile za…io ni page gani mtu yangu?

WSR is a man of God, the same God who approved murdering opposition and destroying their places of worship.

Could have just used the Bible App on their phones.

Social media would’ve twisted that image to disrespect of the church

Peasantry itakumaliza. Kuna level fulani MTU hufika hata simu inakuwa handled na minions aka Personal assistants. Hata mimi ile time Niko na kitu huwezi nipata na simu. Nikiingia Laico nawacha simunkwa gari.

It’s good to know the Word of God, but remember even the devil knows it better than a Pastor. The difference is the LIFE behind those Words. The devil can imitate and quote scriptures but one thing he can’t do is copy the character that comes from a truly surrendered life.

Sema ukilipwa salary yako ya 6k na Mhindi.

Hata hio ni pesa MTU akijipanga. Ukienda ushago unapata mtu hana kazi ya salary ako na nyumba, ng’ombe, kuku na motorbike but “middle class” hapa Nairobi na salary yake ya 150k hata bike hawezi afford for some strange reasons. Not that he can’t buy if he wanted but the devil has conspired to close his eyes to the possibilities. Kazi ni mizinga na kungurus weekend.