With Huddah,anything goes..girl wants to be limwad by kipchoge



Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic

huyu malaya na sewer rat hazina tofauti

…on the other hand, no woman is limited;)

Huyu alipita 159 kitambo sana.labda anafikia 159 000

Meffi nyinyi

Niko nyuma ya Huddah 159%

Agreed …
She could do with some 'Fertilizer" … :smiley:


This is the exact example of how men are at risk once they achieve wealth and status.
The female version of fisis awaiting to pounce at any given chance.
Jamaa if easily swayed, can end up like the athletes we’ve read about on paper, some leaving their spouses, some dying foolishly…

Ile mbisha ya seal of fucking approval ikuuom

That’s the default setting for women. They just just wait at the finish line, once boy child crosses that line, yeye kwisha.
Sex is a very powerful tool, and behind the scenes, socialites control a lot of resources around the world.

I would do huddah

Huyo Malaya mfupa ghassia , niktomba shot moja wise guy anaboeka na hizo mifupa

A quick question, are these rich men raped and mugged? eeeeeeeeer nope.

ukichanganya organic manure , NPK na Cumshot:D:D:D

Like a moth to a flame…

A man achieves what no man has ever achieved and all this whore can think about is relating such a fete to sex. Absolutely pathetic:meffi::meffi::meffi:

malaya huddah


Kahuni, we also have male spongers. I have hekayad about my 1st boyfriend. His name is EX the dog:). He was living off me and had I not thrown him out in good time, I would have lost half the house to him walahi…
I see men leeching off female successful celebrities who don’t use their brains…marrying them without pre-nuptial agreements etc…I mean how do you marry one of your male dancers?:rolleyes: