With fall of BBI, Mt Kenya has lost 100B per yr in extra devolved funds and 30 new constituencies and 3B CDF per yr

Now let them go to sugoi and beg for wheelbarrows.

NB the 30 new constituencies would have given them another 3B in CDF per yr.
The army and police are recruited per constituency so they have also lost about 1000 vacancies per yr in the armed forces.

Deputy President William Ruto has reacted to the Court of Appeal judgement that nullified the Building Bridges Initiative. The seven-judge bench upheld the High Court ruling which declared the BBI null and void. Ruto thanked his Heavenly Father, stating that he had salvaged Kenya from the Constitutional changes and the powerful politicians who were out to ride on the project into State House.


“God, our Heavenly Father, has come through for Kenya and stopped the coalition of the known, the mighty, and the powerful from destroying our Constitution,” tweeted Ruto.
“Our God, help the alliance of the unknown, the jobless, the hustlers and struggling farmers to now engineer our economy from bottom up,” Ruto tweeted, in a post perceived as targeting his boss President, Uhuru Kenyatta, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, and One Kenya Alliance (OKA) led by Musalia Mudavadai (ANC), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Moses Wetangula (Ford-Kenya) and Gideon Moi (Kanu).
“In the end, Kenya has won. Justice Be Our Shield and Defender. God bless Kenya and God bless us all.”


apantambua bbichieth

How much was the process?

Why are you so concerned about them?

nobody loses anything. say no to being fed bbi excrement

What about the other regions,were they not set to benefit?

The other regions have also lost billions. I just highlighted Mt Kenya coz that’s my home and the fall of BBI has hit us badly.

It appeared like you were blaming the region for BBI downfall.Just like you blamed Kiamburians for voting in a little known UDA candidate

We need a lot of civic education in this country especially among the so called hustlers so that they can make the RIGHT decisions and stop scoring own goals. Its stupid to reject 100B per yr imeletwa na BBI then go begging for wheelbarrows huko sukoi.

:D:DConsoling oneself while mourning is good to avoid depression

You are also a candidate for the reeducation camp so that you can stop scoring own goals.

Nonsense!!! Unafikuria izo additional billions zilikua zinaokotwa chini. We would have been taxed to death

The BBI process was a Healthy debate, can we know move to leadership and integrity ? I would love to see, our best lawyers in court , putting the Judiciary into task, on why corruption cases drag in court.

Ruto mwizi should not try to take credit for the fall of BBI. The process was not followed how it was stipulated in the constitution. Whether he supported it or not it was bound to fail. Here the winners are kenyans. The judges proved the sovereignty belongs to the people of kenyans not politicians.
Next we should sue the Mrats warudishe zile car grants walihongwa nazo.

How do you loose something you never had?

How has the previous billions improved the lives of the people.

As if that money is dropping from the sky.

Hizo Billions zingeibiwa tu na the newly created MCAs, MPs hakuna pesa ingemfikua wanjiku. Fvck BBi

Hio ni kama kupea kuku chembe nne za mahindi kisha uichinje.