....with Evidence

After drinking myself crazy on Saturday, I decided to have calm Sunday at home as I nurse my hangover. I watched some movies the better part of the afternoon until around 5 pm. At around 6pm, I received a text from a campo chick I was warming up to in the past week. She was asked me how “my form” looks. Nikamwambia it is blank unless she fills in the blank spaces. She told me wamefunga chuo but she is hanging around looking for an attachment before going to the village. In short she was idle and needed to go out. Nikajua chuma italala ndani. Nikamwambia tupatane town kitu saa moja….nikaruka shower kujitayarisha.

Kutoka shower nikapata text, the chick wants to come along with a friend. …shiiet. Nikakubali tu shingo upande but I knew my game plan was spoilt. I had never succeeded in scoring when treating two chicks……they always find a way of evading the fisi net….I tried to get a wing man but none was available on short notice. Nikajua kumeharibika.

The two chicks came and I was impressed by the beauty of the one accompanying my target. She is Tanzanian a beautiful slim shady. I decided not to drink beer to minimize the expenses. I lied to them I that an oversea client had just called and needed some work done before morning, so I won’t be getting drink because I can’t work when drunk. The girls were disappointed that they were not partying til dawn. So wakakunywa guaran mbio mbio to get drunk quickly. By 10pm, they were tipsy. One more can and the Tanzanian chick went crazy. She started misbehaving, kumwaga pombe na kuchokoza strangers. Nikajua hapa itakua hasara kubwa if she continues drinking. I told my chick I have take them home immediately. But wanakiambia gate yao imefungwa by 10 and they don’t have the keys. I told them niko na bibi kwa hivyo we can’t go to my place, but will get a room for them.

Sisi hao hadi kwa room. Nikawanunulia take away food wakule kwa room and a few guarana cans for my chick because bado alikua strong. Nitawaambia I will leave them niende nifanye job. The Tanzanian lady akanishika akaniambia I kiss her good night. Waaa…the kiss aroused my mzee, nikajua hapa hakuna kurudi nyuma. Caressing ikaanza hapo hapo. My chick was shocked kuona game imeanza bila warning, consultation, or negotiation. Within a few minutes the tanzanian was naked and mourning as I figured her…all she was saying was fuck me please….nikaogopa effect ya guarana…waaa… kidogo, nikarukia my initial target chick and started caressing her with one hand as I figured the Tanzanian with the other. Soon she was also on heat…I grabbed my CD and started acting on the Tanzanian first because she was begging for it. pump pump pump for about 10 minutes then jumped kwa the other….i acted on the two chick hadi saa nane usiku. I was damn tired but happy my investment didn’t go to waste……went home singing Alikiba’s song…Aje…aje…Aje na marifiki zake

Evidence hapa chini

tha tanzanian
anybody familier with this?


Hapo sawa


sigh… i miss the days one could fuck and go telling the whole village if not the entire universe…uve taken me far,anyhow bask at your own glory before maturity kicks in


hapo sawa @fishmonger you the man

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mimi naona shiny hapo, sio tanzanian.

Hapo sawa, but i think ni fingered sio figured


Hapo ni Tata huitwa, meffi. :D:D


This is a nice touch, chukua like

Hio ni pub gani ikona bullet holes kwa wallo_O?


anybody familier with this???
tata ikuje bana…

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Looks like down River road.


Am assuming main chick ni huyo at the edge ya first pic. Damn ma nigger, najua walisema maji machafu huzima moto lakini hawakusema maji ya sewage…kwa raha zako. Pewa like.

@fishmonger for VS. Hekaya iko na effidence.

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Quality ya izi picha zinakaa za the legendary @Kidinyi

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Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka

Shika tusker lakini usi figure next time kula vitu


hii ni dyslexia ama ugonjwa gani?