Witcher review

The wait for the best epic series to rival GOT as claimed, was finally over last week as Witcher came out . The series had been so marketed that I was so excited. After game of thrones ending , Netflix jumped at the opportunity to take over the got orphans.

One thing I love about Netflix is that they release all episodes at a go . They captured us by fronting current Superman actor cavill as the main actor(witcher). We all love superman tangu siku za Clark Kent in the series smallville.

Now Witcher season one starts well with cavill slaying a monster . He has that air of superman as he beats up bad people .

Sijui niaje but I just did not feel it coming near GOT , even though GOT like set impossible threshold , season 1 ya got was more better .

The monsters are not that many I expected cavill to be killing at least 2 monsters in an episode, mind you it’s budget per episode is 15 million dollars, ya GOT ilikuwa 6 million in season 1.

I feel the feminist agenda is being pushed so much with strong femine characters through out the movie . So far no homosexual scenes .

Part ya dragon they brought some feeble sickly looking dead dragon , yes there was another golden dragon but it was a sissy scared dragon crying for protection from the witcher. You can’t compare the titan dragons za khaleesi na hizi ghassia mbili.

But we can say it’s the beginning they will improve , I did enjoy it. It has been renewed. I hope they improve bring in more magic , monsters and plain evil .

Naipea 6/10

Kweli nikubaya hii krissy. Hii nugu Lichoti ingekuwa mlevi wa kupindukia saizi lakini no yuko kwa nyumba anaona series…

Nimeacha pombe chief , bibi aliniambia niwache ama viboko zitambeee

Juu Muhindi analipa 30th

Village Male whore , Mara ngapi we have told you stop acting like a movie critique and analysts hapa. Take your analysis to your whore dens . Yusulessi

Nikujie na khukhu

Una maneno boss

That’s a new one…ati Uwesmakei the movie critic.
But I like part about TMP promising you a kichapo cha mbwa msikitini.

Change is good

The series would be more enjoyable if you have played the Witcher games, the Witcher 3 is the best RPG game I have ever played

Omundu ulienda swordfight na @Motokubwa

Alikunja mkia

just watched episode 1, didn’t care much for it… in other news, JOKER IS BORING AF

Inakuja Kwa channel gani?

KTN 62

kwanza jua kupika busaa ama @poyoloko akupatie talaka,brare fukin mteso mjinga


Sikuleta review ya joker coz niliona tu first 20 mins nikawacha , boring like shit , its more of a musical

nilikungoja jana safari park ukakula corner , sisi wa wanga tungekulipuwa sawasawa