There is a theory that I strongly believe can be used to explain the mushrooming churches everyday. Are witchdoctors realizing that the business is no longer lucrative so they pivot to continue selling hope using the Bible?

I have three routes to my church about 1Km away and every route has at least 3 churches. One just opened next to ours the other day. The churches are so loud with only less than 10 people inside some even has 4 people. One ferries people from I don’t know where with their vans and crusade lorries
Selling hope is a very lucrative business.

even kanyari is back :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Its the only left bussiness with less baggage and no taxes

Both are part of spiritualism and will be here with us for a longtime.

Ukiwa na church in a populated area na upate at least a hundred followers umekafunga

Then we need to respect socialities more because they command followings in the millions.