In a previous thread, niliona someone saying that a dead person can appear please usidanganywe.
Ecclesiastes 9;5 says “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten”

Therefore, when somebody dies they forget everything so they cannot remember kama ulimuibia shamba Ana ulimkosea e.t.c …kwa ivo ukitokelezewa na dead people those are demons playing tricks on you


I don’t believe in supernatural happenings or beings. I also don’t believe in curses or blessings. Its a bunch of garbage


Hakuna demons msee,hii huwa ni akili inachezea mtu same way kama wewe ni mwoga alaf ujipate unatembea usiku huwa unaona wanyama Wa kila aina…unaangalia miti unaona giraffe


Read 1Samuel 28:8-17

Demons are very much present…kuna psychical world na spiritual world…to see the spiritual world you need to have your eyes “opened” …unless mungu akufungue the other option in occultism…that is why if you become deeply involved in occult unaona vitu watu hawaoni which is the spiritual world

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So Ya’ll have never had a dream where some one u knew who died appeared on that dream?

Depends what is your definition of death, if one dies before his/her time, that person soul may not be dead.

leta hekaya mblo.

People who believe in superpowers are not usually very bright and their judgement of phenomena is usually very interesting. These are the people who go to pray at a road blackspot site instead of petitioning the authorities to erect bumps and warning signs. Politicians love these kind of people because they will never hold them (the politicians) accountable. That is why you hear Uhuru and Ruto asking Kenyans to pray for them


hekaya for what? i have dreamt so many times of pple who died appear in my dream. A friend of mine that died once appeared in a dream and dude was telling me we go some where but nilikua na kataa, he kept on insisting bado bado nakataa,i woke up

U do know that god is a hoax,right??


me from what I have seen personally, there are people who are possessed, In LUOPEAN we say JUOGI, mimi beste yangu damu alidunda kama pries ameshika Kicha chake, and imagine I was next, nikajua baaass mi kwisa, funny enough nilingoja pia mi nika shikwa but sikudunda

that happened only once. and even Saul was shocked because he never expected it.
that was the only time it happened and the next day, the king was dead.
no dead person can visit you.

When something strange happens to you always look for a natural explanation first. We kenyans are always willing to assume everything that we cant understand as a demon possession or oppression when there is a perfect natural explanation to what is happening. Thats why we have conmen preachers making millions in this nation.


kwa ivo ile torch ya J.JUMA ni chocha tupu haitawai happen:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Just because you don’t believe them doesn’t make them less real.
To those who believe, your not believing is the “bunch of garbage”