While I was watching some videos from TrumanC, I came across this video where a whole family is in prison, and it was very sad. They attribute it to witchcraft, and on this one I felt for them. I see why the Bible never allowed witches to live


Village idiots doing what village idiots do best.

There is nothing like witchcraft. Kama mtu ni jangili ni jangili … its only bonobos who believe in this bs


People blaming witchcraft, laziness and irresponsibility while wanting to thrive in a society. Shida tupu

Witchcraft ndio nini hiyo? Upus! People get sick and die everyday and it is not because of some supernatural powers. It is simply because it is the nature.

Crime is a learned behaviour that is heavily influenced by environmental factors but it is also genetic to some extent. It’s possible this is one of those families with a natural susceptibility to criminal behaviour.

Kuna mwinge on these streets za KT huko 2016 alidai mganga na alikuwa majuu… nikamshow mimi najua waganga wa waganga wale hatari bin danger. Ikaingia box akakuja pale inbox. Nikamshow rusha 100 dollar nienda nayo kwa mganga kama goodwill … mambo yako itengenezwe. Mara kidogo … naona world remit pap. Nikasema Ala!.. hii nugu can’t be serious. Nikamshow banae … yule mganga mimi sasa najua ni wewe … juu aisee umeniroga. Sante sana. Sikuwai muona tena jiji.

Nirudishie dolare zangu mkuu! :slight_smile:

hii wizi ni inborn, genetic ya wasapere kina @Azor Ahai

Witchcraft is propaganda

Kuna nugu ilikuwa inanipea story ya Mzee fulani huwa Bamburi ‘husafisha nyota’. I played schupid and asked what that means.He said that it means that I ur facing some downside either in business, career,family or politics, then the cause is someone very near you OR someone who wishes you ill.

I didn’t explore the idea further but I cut links with him coz alikuwa anataka Twende tukasafishiwe nyota zetu.

By the way he had insisted that the Mzee doesn’t ask for cash upfront, he only asks you ‘Not to forget him’ once successful.

If that is how we reason, then reason why the Njeris, Mumbis, Muthonis and Wambuis of this country kill their husbands will be all because they are biwitched. Right??


Can talkers be this stupid really? Believing that witchcraft exists?

Ungemtolea some weird diagnosis, halafu uitishe dollars tena. Cha mlevi huliwa na mgema