Those from Meru county particularly Tigania or maybe Tharaka. There is a place around Mikinduri specifically btn Kagaene and Mikinduri that’s full of sorcerers. It’s so rampant that it seems everyone around this place is practicing. Actually anyone who seems to be doing well is delt with accordingly in ways you can never understand but the most common ways is going insane for the victims never to recover.
Residents migrate to other places but still misfortunes follow them. any other place experience something like this?
Na by the this aren’t stories nmeskia. Am a neighbor a few kilometres on the other side of the valley so have witnessed so many incidents

Mmeambukiza Embus hii tabia mbaya…pia hao wamekuwa wadeadly sana hii sector.

Ngoja uone an ignorant fellow, inexperienced in life, akisema there is no witchcraft. Anyway lucky are those who haven’t fallen victim.

Dawa ya uchawi ni maombi

Ukipewa luwere na mchawi

Lakini wachawi wa meru nilitii very powerful

Leta hekaya tuerevuke.

I still don’t believe in this nonsense

It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not coz that shit is messing a lot of people. There is even accepted form of black magic particularly what’s practised by Njuri Michele. Hawa wazee really mess up people’s lives and wipe out an entire generation Bana. My grandie tells me the reason why polygamy or having a child out of wedlock is common here is in the event of a curse by this wazees children born out of wedlock are the only ones to survive.
There is an old woman who used to frequently visit us and she comes from a rival clan so you’ve to bend to her wishes else something terrible happens to you. I remember she saw a cow being milked and she wasn’t given milk so from the next morning the cow got a mysterious sickness. She had to come and offer her blessings (spitting saliva) and immediately everything was okay

Witchcraft is very real, just because you don’t accept it does not mean it won’t find you.

Hawa watu mnasema it’s real can you site concrete examples preferably with sketches /pictures. Personal testimony zimuok kama mama, auntie ama shosh alikua sorcerer tushow. It’s an anonymous forum and we are here to expand our minds

It is better to see than to hear/read just come over to kitui and look around damn it…utaleta hekaya ghaseeeer hii


self righteous wise fools here only believe in science ,things have seen in this Kenya proves supernatural powers are here on Earth and very capable.

Akuje tumpeleke nguni tulipe arongwe after he confirms atajilipia kutegenezwa arudi normal:D

Why don’t you guys deal with them design ya kina @Eng’iti ??? 2012 videos zilikua kwa Youtube ya venye Wakisii wanchoma suspected witches

To be sincere it’s kind of complicated. See there is a form of accepted witchcraft and even those who practice it then there are outlawed ones and those not allowed to practice. There are like 6 forms of black magic types and only 5 are accepted depending on who’s practicing and the situation. Also the manifestation is dependent on the type.Like women are not allowed to practice, while men can practice as long as they are members of Njuri Ncheeke…they also follow the set guidelines. But it also gets more complicated when it comes to clans as messing with someone from a rival clan can cost your life without both of you not realising.