Witchcraft is Real


Mother nature said Fuck that nigga again and again

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Let us assume that witchcraft, as you state, is real and focus for a minute on the world cup tourney held in South Africa a few years ago. We had witchdoctors from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria et al. Why didn’t Africans combine their expertise in witchcraft to retain the trophy within Africa never to leave in all subsequent world cups? The only logical answer I can accept ni ukiniambia uchawi ya mzungu inashinda ya mwafrika.
While Africans are busy discussing nani aliroga nani, the rest of humanity is worrying about nano technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, biotechnology etc. Swali language ni; kama mwafrika hajafika stage ya agricultural and industrial revolution sembuse hizo ninetaja, kuna Sikh atawahi fanana na mzungu?

Kwenyu ni kama kuna evangelical churches mingi sana. Hizo ndio najua huwa zinafunza huo ujinga.


Area enclosed by light poles: l = 312 m, w = 144 m (l x w = 44,928)— m2h = height of poles above ground level = 32— mIpk = average peak return-stroke current per decile— kADs = lightning striking distance = 10 x Ipk0.65— mr = radius of light pole’s attractive area = (2 x Ds x h - h2)0.5— mAA = attractive area/decile = (l + 2r) x (w + 2r) - 10 x [(4 - π)/4] x r2— m2Fg = ground flash density = 0.5 {using GAI flash density analysis}— fl/km2/yrPO = strike probability/decile = AA x (0.1 x Fg) x 10–6 PC = cumulative probability = Σ PO R = mean return period (i.e., average strike frequency) = 1/PC— years/flash


[INDENT][INDENT]4 CG flashes/km2/yr/average
House is 10 X 20 m2 = 200 m2
Direct strike to house when lightning hits within 10 m
Predicted strike (1200 X4)/1 000 000 =
4.8 X 10 -3 or once ea. 200 years
Therefore - 1 out of 200 house will be struck per year.[/INDENT][/INDENT]

[INDENT][INDENT]USA population = 280,000,000
1000 lightning victims/year/average
Odds = 1 : 280,000 of being struck by lightning[/INDENT][/INDENT]



Industrial revolution maybe - but Agricultural ?

You think your white daddy taught us agriculture?Really?

Bantu Populations exploded across the continent because of the agricultural revolution - get your facts right.

Since you think crazy people are only found in Africa :

Those are the mzungus you worship ?Are those your Gods?