Witchcraft experience

Have you been a victim (or perpetrator) or know anyone that has?

Can you truly know if you are a victim? I used to have weird nightmares that felt like someone was sitted on my chest slapping the lights out of me, turned out to be pretty common alcohol withdrawal symptom.

Sisi niwacha Mungu

Unashuku umerogwa? You’re most likely under stress

Unaishi aje Canada while believing in witchcraft?

Unless you find proof, like paraphernalia with your name, pic or belongings on it. Or someone well versed in the arts could confirm if you’ve been targeted. What you experienced sounds like some sort of sleep paralysis

For anything witchcraft related, mchawi wa wachawi @Eng’iti is on the panel to answer all your questions.

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What do you mean? People practice witchcraft even here.

I just wanted bedtime stories.

You live in the new world while harboring old continental ideals

it’s not an exclusively old world thing, there’s websites you can order spells from. there’s spell instructions on tiktok, actually there’s a whole witchcraft community on there called “witchtok” :smiley:

In that case, here you go


Bonobo are the ones who believe in witchcraft

Nimechungulia ivi kiasi … nikaona ni kongamano ya wachawi … nikaondokea na ile design.

ok thengiu , my Kiswahili is not good but I’ll try

You maybe right since the new world still celebrates Halloween but in the sense that it is purely superstitious. Huku witchcraft means that somebody is jealous so we interpret misfortune as someone bewitching you whereas in the new world people understand that as merely bad luck.

Some people do practise it, all over the world, hata wazungu–ever heard of wicca, grotos, halloween and all that stuff? The real question is, does it work?

Avoid sleeping kifo cha mende. Utaota mbaya ushangae as if umerogrwa. Do it sideways ama chest down.

you should try the simple tiktok spells and report back to us

Why haven’t you tried the spells?