wisest man of Greece. -Thales of Miletus

Being asked what was very difficult, he answered, in a famous apophthegm, “To Know Thyself.” Asked what was very easy, he answered, “To give advice.” To the question, what/who is God?, he answered, "That which has no beginning or no end

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[li]a concise saying or maxim; an aphorism.[/li]“the apophthegm ‘tomorrow is another day’”

What about “kunguru hafugiki”?
Does it qualify as one?

A man once went to fetch water from a pond. On arrival he met a frog which posed a question to him:“would you be so gratified if you drew and drained all the water from this pond and made me homeless? Would it take away your insatiable desire to keep on drawing that which I depend on to live?” What would you have answered the frog if you were the man?