Wisdom of wolves

Couldn’t sleep this night. I guess mid-life crisis is beckoning. Came across this and felt should challenge some of us who are parents, leaders or future leaders. I found it to be very motivating though. [ATTACH=full]101068[/ATTACH]

Didn’t know this.thanķ.hauko peke yako in the village…leo mimi nightrunner

Interesting this is. Traditional as a parent and head of the family (pack) Men normally walk behind so as to protect and observe, though I have noticed young men nowadays are either carrying the baby or a handbag while with their wife. Disgusting this is and unlike the wolves leader who is always ready and prepared

Invaluable lesson there

OK, but where are they going or what’s their mission in that formation?

Hehehehe. It is not a bad idea to carry your own blood. An uncle presented this story as a dilemma to a group of us just the other year. He asked us if it is right for the man to carry a baby while walking with the family. All of us younger guys thought it was okay. Then he asked how we would defend the madam if she was attacked while the man was holding the baby! Would we put the baby down and go after the attacker? Tulicheka wote na kuenda kulala.

Great words of encouragement there,but that info is misleading
1.Most dominant members of the pack are always at the front,alpha male and female.
Old members of a pack usually leave the pack and chart new territories where they live by themselves,some packs may chase them away.

2.Next 5 members are the next senior most from the alphas,mostly experienced female members that have given birth to pups already.

3.Second last group could be anything from teenagers to mid-maturity wolves,they are there to watch and learn.

4.Last wolf could be the omega or the weakest in the pack.

Also,wolves never hunt on a single file formation.Probably they were trailing some huge prey so they were being cautious.

They are going to get a new territory /hunting grounds . Along the way there are many challenges : other wolves , bears na hata snow balls . You should strive to be the last wolf not asking wanaenda wapi na kwanini?:slight_smile:

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Can you back up your analysis ?efidense

@introvert patia hii mtu starter kit ya animal packs for dummies

Where I come from the woman walks ahead, the man a safe distance behind… Just in case there are landmines huyo mama alipuke huko peke yake mzae arudi home mbio. Hehehe.


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Some married men don’t walk with their wives when going to the same events. I’ve always been intrigued by this.

He Who Feels it, Knows it

hao ndio wale hu introduce their wives as “mama watoto”

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