Wisconsin Recount Nets 87 More Biden Votes After Costing Trump 3 Million Dollars


@T.Vercetti kujia guarana baridi hapa:D

He he. Siku ya nyani kukufa miti zote huteleza

It’s funny how they claim Trump spent sijui 3 million … sijui he is paying Giulliani 20k a day, first of all where did they get those figures???

Very round figures. Propaganda.

And secondly and most importantly I thought fake news society said a long time ago that President Trump is absolutely broke and in complete debt and even Melania is leaving him because he is so broke , hizi mapesa anatoa wapi basi???

Get your story right if he is broke then he is broke sio ati kesho tena mnapindua story. Propaganda should be a seamless narrative. :smiley:

@marine1 , @Abba

What legal options do you guys have…

U are stupid and beyond help btw. That’s his campaign donation money he is using. Not his personal cash.
Na ukuwe mjanjez patco.

Sadness of life

Kabisa. He is using them like the cult members they are.

you replied for me…na sikiangi io pesa ya party ukiweka mfuko unaona moto…ata sidhani trump anaweza i-control…trump will just deplete republican party kitty

Anapora like the conman grifter he is

So we have been told. Fake news is really spinning with that narrative.

Of course you forget the Democrat campaign machine that has hundreds of billions of dollars in its corner.

On top of that the Democrat machine is armed by 99% of corporate America, Soros, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Bloomberg, the Google guys etc etc etc.

Don’t forget the Democrat machine is also funded by Chinese and Ukranian billions na saa hizo hata sijaingia Clinton Foundation the billion dollar enterprise.

New englith for the day ‘grifter’…
wacha osungu ya peni mbili

Hahaha.ata siezi kujibu Tena. Umekubali umebebwa ufala na trump


The problem with fake news society is that one week they will say Trump is broke:


Then the next day they say he is getting money but is not allowed to use it for legal defence : hehehe


The spin is not seamless. If you say he is broke and us receiving zero go with that. Don’t change the narrative every week.


Mzae wetu angeweka Putin kipande yake hatungekuwa hapa :smiley:
Alimea pembe

He is using gop campaign money. Not his personal cash. Wacha ujinga priss

Nyamaza. after misleading us telling us that you are on the ground bado uko na nguvu ya kutype ujinga?

And I have never heard Trump asking for money the way Democrats beg every chance they get.

So who are these people supposedly donating to Trump???

Can you kindly name these donors and the amounts given.

Umeona hio article nimekuwekea hapo? Thr New York Times said in early November that the GOP is absolutely broke.

So which GOP funds are you talking about?

Here is your Democratic newspaper declaring the GoP as being broke! Written right before the election :


So hizi pesa mnasema leo huwa anatoa wapi?

And yet you also said he is very broke.