Wireless Remedy

Everything is wireless these days. From Earphones to home theatres, wifi, charging among others.
Its amazing how things evolve in a period of 5- 10 yrs.
I found myself opting for a wireless mouse for my computing needs. Takes up less space and you can work on almost any surface including your thigh.
Recently, i misplaced the wireless receiver/usb dongle. Do i buy a new mouse or are there ways replace the dongle?
I need a wireless remedy.

You’ve got to buy a new one.

Thanks for confirming my fears.

Depends on the make. for models like Razer and Logitech you can get the dongle online but the price is a little on the higher side.

For me, I have many wireless mice. But I carry my Xiaomi wireless mouse in my travel bag. But In the house I use the Logitech G 203 wired mouse. I also have another wireless ambidextrous Logitech mouse which I keep close in case I want to declutter my workspace.

I highly recommend that you go back to a wired mouse. The best would be a gaming wired mouse like the Razer Viper Mini or any of the logitech’s gaming options.

The high DPI makes your computer feel agile and the level of accuracy is fantastic.

@Nyamgondho kuko na wireless sound bars ama Bado hazikafika ?

Lazma zikuwe but I am not sure about the local shops. I know LGs, Samsung etc wako nazo

You can use any wireless Logitech mouse that supports the Unifying Receiver with any Unifying Receiver. A single Unifying Receiver can connect up to six wireless Logitech devices, including mice and keyboards ,did your dongle…[SIZE=1]jisas ,this sounds wrong i know:D.[/SIZE].have this orange logo?
[ATTACH=full]426785[/ATTACH]…if yes,a similar one will work with your mouse. Enda kwa ma cyber they have them lying around

So easy to MITM attack for the universal ones, AliExpress got the hardware, GitHub got the source code. @Nyamgondho nataka kuskia ukibishana I school you on basic IOT.

I don’t argue for the sake bro. In that case let @QSanifu put up the model number and then you can give a few pointers to the repository plus generic dongle. We are here to help, learn and get entertained

Panya ni mkia

@Panyaste★ na @Baby Panay mnaskia? Panya ni mkia.

Thanks for the input. Will share the model number and photo of the mouse.

Logitec mouse
Model no. M171

Thanks @QSanifu@Demakuvu over to you.

How had I not seen this thread…
Don’t be retarded old fart . He was talking about how easy it is to get hardware and software that can be used to spoof paired devices via Bluetooth.
Eeerm blurtooth bug is really a thing.
Nilikwambia ubaki kwa mambo ya cables na power banks

You’ve just been taught up there :D:D

Exactly why I asked him to take a lead.

I still don’t understand kabisa like completely… take some time to explain. Over to you.

Not fully wireless, the rear speakers of my sony soundbar are wireless. Helps with reduced clutter.