Wireless mouse

When I bought my Laptop, I was given this Dell wireless mouse and it was very nice but I lost it. Where can i get a good original Wireless mouse, not those 500 bob Chinese stuff allover downtown. I have tried them na mi huona ni kama cursor inakaa kulewa ukizitumia.

Enda ebrahim’s electronics. Kimathi Street behind Sarova Stanley’s Hotel

Import one

jus try Logitech… Ull never go back

You forgot to mention, “it’s pricey too.”

Why not build one? @Gio can give you the design.


Try this one. You’ll never regret. 7 months and I’m yet to change the battery it came with.

Wireless Mouse M185 Black/ Blue/Red 1,400.00+ vat
Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187 1,700.00+ vat
Logitech Wireless Mouse M175 1,200.00+ vat
Logitech wireless Mouse M325 Dark Silver 2,000.00+ vat
Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M557 4,000.00+ vat
Logitech Wireless Mouse M170 1,200.00+ vat
Logitech Wireless Mouse M165 1,200.00+ vat
Logitech Wireless Mouse M171 Black/ Red/ Blue 1,400.00+ vat
Logitech wireless Mouse M325 Dark Silver 2,000.00 + vat
Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 (Wireless Keyboard & Mouse) 2,800.00 + vat
Logitech Wireless Combo MK235 (Wireless Keyboard & Mouse) 2,500.00 + vat
Available hapa Westlands

3 yrs and still serving me right

nefa efa. Nilinunua ya HP huko, ikakufa within 6 months

y dont u buy another laptop ndio upatee original wireless mouse


Tafuta Logitech v470 wireless. Doesn’t need an external adaptor, uses the comp’s own inbuilt Bluetooth. Got mine from Starcom a few years back.

Nunua FAXE and transmit your thoughts wirelessly to the computer

Niaje mbirionaire?

Boss naweza pata logitech m325 wireless

Uko westlands wapi

Just checked at the specific shop na hakuna.