Wiper's Agnes Kavindu wins Machakos senate by election

Bure kabisa.

Wiper’s Agnes Kavindu - 104,080 votes
UDA’s Ngele - 19,705 votes.

Mr Pombe Kindly rest in Peace!

Ati what???


How much did he spend

Ghasia edit hio heading. Uandike muthama achunishwa skuma hadharani pale mayakos. Jambo la kushangaza aliye mkaza mkia alikuwa mkewe ule alifurusha kutoka kwake.
Mwandishi wetu wa habari alikutana na muthama akiwa mbioni kama chui akishikilia mofuto wake usianguke.

Stolen. Also a reminder not to underestimate watermelon.

Sema hassla kubinjwa raw na class 7 dropout

Good news UDA minions wataona moto 2022

Ruto ni mijinga as anadanganywa na MPs wakikula pesa yake. yet he knows 70% of MPs never make it back to parliament.

its a win-win situation for Muthama, kiti bado iko kwa familia, watoto wanakulia kwote. Ruto is the loser here after spending millions in Machakos

Again it is still too early. The one who always try and fails will always be better than those who don’t try at all. I am sure DP Ruto was only trying to test the depth of waters in ukambani, now he has the answers.

Going forward, it is pretty clear from all the recent by elections that people will always choose their kingpins over an ‘outsider’, this is a fact we can never run away from.
Following this, 2022 political coalitions will definitely be based on how many tribal votes can your coalition partners bring on the table… Can it be enough to propel you to the top seat.
All that remain to be seen. Mambo bado, Ukambani will choose Kalonzo or Mutua over an “outsider”, rift valley will choose Ruto over an “outsider”, Nyanza will choose Raila over an “outsider”, western will choose a luhya over an “outsider”, central will choose a kikuyu over an “outsider” and so forth and so forth… So 2022 is still very much unpredictable as at now

Jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya na UDA yake wamezikwa Machakos

Sisi watu wa man Giddy tumetulia tu.


Pesa alete mashinani tumumunye

Kenyans are still very tribal and will always choose their kinsman over someone else. Sugoiman and his bullshit Hustler narrative atalilia kwa choo.
In fact, changing the tribal mindset of Kenyans can take centuries. If I was in a position of choosing between my tribemate and someone else, I will settle on my tribemate because that’s the reality in Kenya.

Hio election ilikua upuss Kama watermelon anajitambua angeambia huyo mama a drop jina ya muthama tuone Kama angepita na hizo kura zote

this is the reality Kenyans pretend to be oblivious of. We’re all tribal to the core, ruto better gets his act together, he needs to get a dp, formidable one from mt Kenya to have realistic chance of being CIC .

umezeeka but ni mafi umejaza kwa kichwa

While young, we like to consider ourselves as non tribal, its when you get older and realize tribe can help or hinder your career/Business opportunities, you join the bandwagon unapologetically!